Darra Tyres Commitment to Health & Hygiene (incl Covid-19)

Our commitment to your Health and the Hygiene of your vehicle:

  • Our staff wash their Hands before and after working on your vehicle.
  • We wipe down areas we have touched before returning the vehicle to you (* we will continue this practice while we have supplies but as most of you are aware this is becoming harder and harder to find.)
  • We use plastic cover for your seat that staff will sit on while working on your vehicle.  
  • Staff who are sick are sent home and will not return until tested (*As you may be aware testing is becoming harder not easier)

Social Distancing

Please call before you come in so that we are able to ensure we are not flooded with vehicles and we have limited people at any time. Once you are here please don't crowd in the office. We have seating outside the office in sunshine, this is wiped throughout the day. You can also free to do to the coffee shop down the road and we can call you once your vehicle is ready. 

It is forbidden to enter the workshop area, both from a safety and a health perspective. We clean this area daily and would ask that you do not enter so we can keep our staff safe and distanced.

Preferential Stock treatment

Stock is fast becoming limited, firstly because many tyres come from China which was shut down for 4 weeks creating a gap in supply lines, secondly because a number of suppliers are working from home or shut down. 

Stock is limited and we will be giving preference to our existing customers and those who are at the frontline of the fight. To ensure we have stock please ensure you call before you arrive.

Our commitment to pricing during the outbreak

Our prices will not increase for services. Whilst some products may increase in price due to supply and demand, we will not source from suppliers who are price gouging, in fact all of our suppliers are very aware that this is not tolerated.  

Opening Hours remain the same while we are allowed.

Many of our clients are delivering linen to hospitals, transporting food and essentials to supermarkets and providing care to those in need, so we are committed to backing these essential services so our 24/7 service vehicles are working overtime to ensure that everyone gets what they need (including toilet paper).

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Look after your community

Aussies always shine in a crisis (ok so we got off to a bad start with the the toilet-paper-gate episode) but deep down we're all in this together, now the time to reinforce community (at a distance 🙂 

Stay Safe and healthy and in a few weeks we are sure we can put society back together. Sure we might be fist pumping and thumbs up rather than handshakes but we will all get through this. 

Kevin, Annette, Brett, Dean, and all the team at Darra Tyres.