How to work with the optimum footprint in all conditions Agricultural tyre pressure is one of the most important factors in getting the best from your tractor and other farming vehicles. Many operators run their agricultural tyres with the wrong inflation. In this blog post, I’ll examine the consequences of getting the air pressure wrong […]

How to make your spare tyres last longer and stay safer The season is changing. The weather here in Queensland has started to turn warmer, and for many drivers that mean switching to a different set of tyres. If you’re planning a springtime Queensland adventure, you might change your normal tyres for a set that […]

The news came out last week in Straits Times when a 5m long giant crocodile was found wandering inside a tyre shop in Sarawak, Malaysia. We assure you that when you go to Darra Tyres, there will be no giant croc surprises. Instead, our super friendly staff will be happy to assist/ help you with […]

Increase value from your truck tyres Tyres are one of a truck fleet’s largest expenses. Whether your vehicles run long, uninterrupted trips on highways and motorways, or do their business on stop/start routes through Brisbane and along the Gold Coast, Queensland’s road surfaces will eventually take their toll. These seven tips for taking care of […]

Innovative ways to recycle tyres in Brisbane and save the environment When a tyre is no longer roadworthy, disposing of it can be a problem. There are very few eco-friendly ways of getting rid of old tyres, and yet there are several ways in which old tyres can be used in an eco-friendly way. Only […]

Your black circles are as crucial as your driving skills on outback tracks As we head rapidly toward spring, you are likely to be thinking about getting away for a few days. Instead of the beach, how about exploring the outback? Queensland is ideal for 4WD adventures and going bush, with something that suits all […]

Brisbane Tyres turned to chic bags and accessories Worry no more about your old run down tyres. Inner tube tyres can now be recycled and turned into fashionable accessories for your everyday use! We at Darra Tyres have always been an advocate of tyre or rubber recycling. Annette and I have been approached by Sarah […]

Thinner and lighter tyres are here… but tyres with no air? I’ve been thinking about how tyres are changing shape. Okay, not shape exactly, but they are developing. They might look very much like they did 50 years ago, but on the surface and inside, tyres are evolving at one heck of a pace. In […]

Know your tyres to cut costs and maximise productivity Agricultural tyres are work horses – like your tractor. They are also big investments – like your tractor. Unlike your tractor, tyres have remained pretty much the same for a hundred years and more. While the shape of tractors has changed markedly, agricultural wheels are still […]

Could regrooving cut your fleet costs? Commercial tyres are expensive pieces of equipment, and so you’ll want to make them last for as long as possible. You’ll also want to make sure they perform well – increasing safety and driving comfort, and decreasing fuel consumption. There are several ways in which you can make commercial […]