Habits of the safest forklift operators in Queensland In our last article, we asked, are your forklift inspection routines putting your business at risk? With around four deaths caused by forklift accidents every year in Australia, in this article, we give you seven tips on how to operate your forklift safely in the workplace. These […]

What should forklift operators check, and when? While most forklift accidents are caused by the operator (they get complacent about safety, and push boundaries to speed up work processes), many could be avoided with a daily forklift inspection. In this blog post, you’ll learn what your forklift operators should be checking before they begin work […]

A truck tyre strategy for every day and roadside emergencies In studies across Australia and around the world, tyres are the number one reason trucks break down while on the road. In this article, you’ll find out how you can reduce tyre issues while your truck is on the road, and what to do if […]

Why driverless fleets could need highly paid specialist truck drivers Truck fleet owners are getting serious about driverless trucks. The benefits are obvious. Fuel costs and driver salaries combined make up almost two-thirds of a fleet’s cost base. Autonomous trucks will remove the need for almost all drivers, and allow ‘platoons’ of trucks to drive […]

Real-time decisions made in the cloud could energise the future of your truck business Whether long haul or local deliveries, fleet managers want the same thing: to get deliveries made as fast as possible, while maintaining safety and decreasing costs. It used to be that drivers would start work in the morning, furnished with a […]

Are you ready for a trucking industry revolution? The biggest shake-up in Brisbane’s trucking industry for decades appears to be on its way. Driverless trucks are a topic on which everyone has an opinion. Some say they’re dangerous, and that they could be prone to accidental damage caused by fallen eucalyptus trees and wayward kangaroos. […]

Is your truck operation prepared to benefit from the retail revolution? As business conducted online is increasing, the opportunities for truck and haulage companies are growing. That’s great news for truck operators. However, much of the retail growth is likely to be in the ‘fast delivery’ space, where the competition for retailers is fierce. Competitors […]

How to drive safe and sure when you’re off-road Goodyear’s Wrangler DuraTrac tyre was recently voted the best off-road truck tyre by readers of ‘Off Road’ magazine. It’s the fifth year running that it’s won the accolade, and once more the tyre polled over 20% of the votes from 20,000 readers. Goodyear has now won […]

How to tell a poor repair, and which tyre specialist to use If your agricultural tyre is damaged, you’ll have two types of repair that you could make: temporary and permanent. In this article, you’ll learn how to spot that your tyre repair has been bodged. When might you need a temporary agricultural tyre repair? […]

An underinflated tyre could cost more than a few dollars When a customer comes into our tyre shop in Brisbane, I can tell almost immediately if they haven’t checked their tyre pressures for a long while – or if they only check them now and again. I’m not a mind reader. I don’t have a […]