Tips to make the best tyre choice for your SUV Buying tyres for your SUV are no easy task. There’s a big choice available to you, and you’ll have to consider the type of driving you do, the surfaces you tend to drive on in Brisbane and further afield, and your pocket. This guide should […]

6 clues on how to buy tyres online One of the decisions you’ll need to make before you buy tyres here in Brisbane is whether to buy online or from a tyre shop. It’s surprising how many people ask only “is it cheaper to buy tyres online?” before making their choice. They forget to include […]

Just how do manufacturers make millions of safe tyres? Tyres are perhaps the essential piece of equipment on your vehicle. They are paramount to your safety and driving experience. They provide the grip needed for traction on the road and must perform in all road and weather conditions. Most are pneumatic (they contain air under pressure) […]

How to buy the best-value tyres In a recent article, I discussed what you must know before buying tyres online. In this article, you’ll learn why online tyres may not be as cheap as you believe. Do you really need new tyres? We recently had a customer bring four new tyres to our tyre shop […]

Tyre buying tips to help you stay safe and save more money Buying tyres online are becoming more popular. It’s estimated that by 2020 one in every five new tyres bought will be purchased through online tyre stores. In this article, I’ll discuss whether it’s wise to do so. Why do people buy tyres online? […]

Advice to help your tractor work harder and reduce costs When you need new tyres for your tractor, there are plenty of options. This makes choosing your tyres more difficult. Here at Darra Tyres, it’s our job to make this choice easier. In this article, you’ll learn about the tyre options available for agricultural vehicles, […]

The three factors of fleet tyre management When deciding their policy for changing tyres, the three factors that should be considered by fleets are cost, safety, and the law. Though you might think about these separately, each has an influence on the other. For example, the amount of depth remaining on the tread affects safety […]

Helping you make the best decision when buying a new tyre in Queensland Some drivers we meet here in Brisbane love them. Some hate them. They’ve become very popular with vehicle manufacturers. I’m talking about space saver tyres – the temporary use tyres provided as the spare in many new vehicles. They are cheaper, more […]

Goodyear continues to revolutionise through tyre research and development The research and development team at Goodyear Tyres have done it again. At the Geneva Motor Show, they’ve unveiled three prototype tyres that could reduce pollution, self-monitor tyre condition and performance, and increase tyre life by up to 30%. They’re not available to buy commercially – […]

If the sound that your tyres make on the roads in Queensland makes you grate your teeth or gives you a mini migraine, it probably isn’t the quality of the roads that are the problem. There are several reasons your tyres could make a terrible noise. Contact with the road is only one of them. […]