Four steps to the best tyres for you and your vehicle So, you need new tyres, do you? It had to happen sometime. It may be that the noise your tyres are making is telling you to replace them, or you’ve spotted those bald patches and bulges developing. Whatever the reason, now comes the hard […]

Maintenance tips to keep forklift operation costs down Every machine has parts that it can’t operate without. These must be maintained properly to ensure you get the longest and most effective wear from them. Forklift trucks are no exception. They are used every day, in some plants and factories 24/7. This level of use hammers […]

What you should consider before buying sustainable tyres in Queensland One tyre trend that I’ve noticed growing in the last few years is with concern about the environment. More people buying tyres are asking ‘green’ questions, and major tyre manufacturers are producing more sustainable tyres. In this article, you’ll learn how sustainable tyres differ from […]

In-cab technology may be the theme of 2018 for truck drivers and fleet managers While I don’t have a crystal ball, it’s fun to think about what’s happening in the truck industry and how it might affect fleet management in the future. I looked at a couple of these last year when writing about driverless […]

What tyre does your forklift need, and how will it last longer? Is it time to replace your forklift tyres? Is the top of the tyre worn to the wear line? Is the tyre chipped, slashed, gouged, or damaged? Has it got flat spots or uneven wear? There are several types of forklift tyre used […]

How to drive with less stress, more safely, and at less cost We’re into a new year, and I guess that you may have made plenty of New Year’s resolutions. Probably a few to do with health – losing weight and cutting out those lifestyle vices, such as smoking, perhaps. You may have resolved to […]

The future we watched on TV in the 1980s has arrived In the 1980s, perhaps the coolest concept for petrol heads was K.I.T.T. – Knight Industries Two Thousand, the incredible (and intelligent) car driven by Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) in the series Knight Rider. Who didn’t marvel at the ability of driver and car to […]

Habits of the safest forklift operators in Queensland In our last article, we asked, are your forklift inspection routines putting your business at risk? With around four deaths caused by forklift accidents every year in Australia, in this article, we give you seven tips on how to operate your forklift safely in the workplace. These […]

What should forklift operators check, and when? While most forklift accidents are caused by the operator (they get complacent about safety, and push boundaries to speed up work processes), many could be avoided with a daily forklift inspection. In this blog post, you’ll learn what your forklift operators should be checking before they begin work […]

A truck tyre strategy for every day and roadside emergencies In studies across Australia and around the world, tyres are the number one reason trucks break down while on the road. In this article, you’ll find out how you can reduce tyre issues while your truck is on the road, and what to do if […]