Your hearing is the first tyre check you should make Do you hear that noise? The one your tyres are making on Brisbane’s roads? That’s not just rubber on tarmac, that’s real communication. The squeals, squeaks, screeches and rumbles all tell you about the state of your tyres and more. It is thought that three-quarters […]

Tips to stay safe on the roads during school holidays It’s that time of year again – school holidays. It means many of you could be packing up and heading out on a road trip from West Brisbane into the outback or interstate. Driver fatigue is a factor in as many as one in three […]

Greater safety, lower costs and greener fleets promised The Brisbane Truck Show is Australia’s premier truck event. This year’s show held over three days in mid-May at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. In its fiftieth year, as ever, the show had something for everyone. Corner for the kids, a hub for those seeking a […]

Are your tyre beliefs compromising your safety on Brisbane’s roads? Most people hold a lot of common misconceptions about their tyres. Perhaps our fathers have taught us what they’ve been mistakenly taught by their fathers. Maybe what seems to be common sense, isn’t. Whatever the reason, if you follow these incorrect ‘tyre rules’ you could […]

The easy way to check your tyre tread and stay safe on Brisbane’s roads All Australian drivers understand that driving on illegal tyres puts them and other road users in danger. According to some studies, almost nine in ten Australians don’t know what the minimum tread depth is. In this article, we examine how to […]

How not to jeopardise driver safety when you save on fuel costs As a fleet manager, you’ll know that a truck’s tyres could be responsible for as much as 30% of fuel consumption. It is because contact with the ground causes a truck tyre to heat up and deform. It is rolling resistance. The higher […]

The five rules of parallel parking I see a variety of damage to cars and tyres in Brisbane. The odd scratch here and there, perhaps a tiny dent or ding in a wing. Front and rear bumpers are prone to damage but look at most car doors, and you’ll notice tiny dints and marks – […]

Should you ballast your tractor tyres, and what is best to do so? You may add fluids to your agricultural tyres for extra traction and to lower the centre of gravity of your vehicle. If your tyres slip on wet surfaces, adding some fluid should help to improve agricultural tyre performance. Reasons to ballast agricultural […]

Is Continental the safest tyres for Australian drivers? Continental tyres in Brisbane have been sweeping up Best Tyre awards over the last few months. Awards have been flooding in from around the world. The best and safest performance tyres in Australia is the latest. It comes hot on the heels of success as producing the […]

Tips to deter wheel and tyre theft in Brisbane Commercial vehicle tyres can be an expensive investment. If you own a light commercial vehicle or ute and have ever bought a set of new tyres, you’ll know how expensive they can be. So, you’ll want to protect them. For example, you’ll take precautions which help […]