How should Brisbane drivers choose their next set of new tyres?

3 things to consider when buying new tyres

Recently a friend of mine described to me how his son had spent three days researching what laptop he should buy. It was important for him to choose the one that would allow him to work online and stream films. Speed and memory were important, as was screen size and resolution, and a keyboard that was a perfect fit for his fingers and his budget.

Yes, we all put a lot of effort into making sure that we select the right laptop, sofa, television or car. Yet when it comes to tyres, most people simply take their car to a tyre shop and get their tyres changed.

Think about this for a moment. People spend days researching and comparing laptops before they make a buying decision, but they make a snap, on-the-spot decision when they buy new tyres – a component that determines comfort and safety every mile they drive. That seems a mad way to go about things, doesn’t it?

This article will help you choose your next set of new tyres with ease.

What to consider when you buy new tyres

Savvy drivers buy premium tyres in Brisbane, but always work within a budget. They know that cheaper brand tyres can end up costing more in the long term: they are made with lower-quality rubber compounds. This is likely to affect performance, increasing breaking distances and reducing safety, and decreasing tyre life.

When you are working within a budget, the secret to buying new tyres is to consider three elements: tread, construction, and rubber compound.

About new tyre treads

Tyre tread does a number of jobs. It provides grip and traction on the road, helps to expel water so you avoid aquaplaning, and aids drive comfort.

The first thing to consider when deciding on tread is the type of driving you do:

  • For driving on roads, a highway design tread is perfect
  • If you drive off-road, perhaps taking trips into the outback at weekends, an all-terrain tyre will cover you for driving on dirt, sand and woodland tracks
  • For those who are regular off-road junkies, a deeper, more open tread will provide a better drive experience over longer off-road trips
  • If you expect your off-road trip to take you through a lot of water and mud, and over rocky outcrops, mud tyres will provide the perfect combination of traction and balance

When considering tread, remember that the deeper the tread, the better the grip. Therefore, if all other elements are equal, it is probably best to go for the tyres with deeper tread to provide the best performance within your budget range.

When you buy new tyres, you should always tell the tyre technician what type of driving you do most, and explain your driving style. This will help them give you the best recommendation.

Tyre construction

New tyre construction has come a long way. The carcass is responsible for most of a tyre’s performance. Tyres are built in layers. The bead and bead filler provide stability and flexibility needed during manoeuvres. Steel belts provide rigidity that stops the tyre from changing shape. Other layers, which may include nylon, help to create a smoother and more comfortable drive.

When buying new tyres, ask about the tyre construction and what features the tyre has that will give you the driving experience you desire.

Rubber compound

Tyres are made from compounds of rubber and other materials, and the mix really can make a big difference to performance and tyre life. Cheaper tyres are made from cheaper and less stable compounds. They can quickly become brittle – especially in the sun here in Brisbane – and they weather poorly. You may find that instead of a useful life of five years, you may need to change a tyre made with an inferior compound after just three years. In a 10-year period, you could need three sets of new tyres rather than two.

Tyre manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on research and development. Much of this is spent on improving tyre compounds so that they more readily resist cutting, tearing and chipping. This means that for those drivers who rack up a high mileage, the tyre is less likely to suffer damage that could lead to a tyre blowout.

Still not sure which are the best new tyres in Brisbane?

Research is essential to buy the best, whatever it is that you are buying. Even then, you are likely to seek the advice of an expert. For that expert advice when buying new tyres in Brisbane, drop into our tyre shop in Darra. Or simply get in touch online – we’ll be happy to call you back and help you.

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Keeping your family and fleet safe on the road,

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