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Warning for drivers in West Brisbane: driver fatigue and poor tyres kill

Tips to stay safe on the roads during school holidays

It’s that time of year again – school holidays. It means many of you could be packing up and heading out on a road trip from West Brisbane into the outback or interstate. Driver fatigue is a factor in as many as one in three road accidents. Poor tyres are a factor in almost as many road accidents. We want you and your family to stay safe, no matter whether you are on a shopping trip in West Brisbane or a family holiday to Perth.

In this article, you’ll read my tips to prevent driver fatigue and ensure your tyres will do the job they are designed for.

How do you know you’re getting tired behind the wheel?

Driver fatigue makes you a worse driver. Your reaction times are slower, and you’ll find it harder to concentrate on the road ahead. It leads to poor judgement. In the worst case, you could suffer a fatal accident.

There are some tell-tale signs that you are suffering from driver fatigue. These include:

  • Heavy eyes and yawning
  • Daydreaming behind the wheel
  • Variable driving speeds
  • Cramping in your legs and arms
  • Impatience behind the wheel

You may also find that your braking becomes more lethargic, your steering less pronounced, and you change gears with a crunch. As tiredness increases, you’re likely to drift across lanes.

When are you most at risk of driver fatigue?

Many fatigue-related road accidents occur at night. However, contrary to popular myth, driver fatigue can happen at any time and isn’t confined to long-distance journeys.

Another myth is that it is the act of driving that makes drivers tired. It’s true that if you drive for hours upon hours, you are going to get tired. But most driver fatigue is a problem caused by lack of sleep before a road trip. You may work long hours or inconsistent shifts. You may have problems sleeping. Perhaps a newborn baby has been keeping you awake most of the night. There are many reasons why you could be tired before you sit behind the wheel.

How to avoid driver fatigue

When your body is in desperate need of sleep, your brain will shut it down. You get advanced warning of this – all those signs of fatigue we discussed a couple of paragraphs earlier. You should listen to them, and take a break. To avoid driver fatigue:

  • Only travel for a maximum of ten hours in a day
  • During a road trip, take regular breaks every couple of hours
  • Share the driving if possible
  • Avoid driving when you would normally be asleep

If you’re planning a long trip, make sure you sleep well the night before – and don’t drink alcohol before you go to bed. Alcohol stays in your system for 24 hours and makes you fatigued.

Now you’re fit for the road, are your tyres?

Okay, you’re ready to drive and fit for your family’s road trip. But are your tyres? When was the last time you checked the tread and tyre pressure? Here are a few basic tips to make sure your tyres are as fit for the journey as you are:

  • A couple of days before you are due to leave, inspect your tyres. Make sure they don’t have bald patches, scuffs, bulges and scrapes. Legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. As soon as the tread reduces to below 3mm, tyre performance will be adversely affected. At 2mm, your braking distance is severely lengthened. If you are concerned about tread depth at all, bring your vehicle to our West Brisbane tyre shop. It isn’t worth the risk to do nothing.
  • Before you leave, check tyre air pressures. Make sure they are at the recommended levels – you’ll find these on the tyre placard on the door jamb or in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Make sure that each tyre valve is capped. It protects against dust and water.
  • Don’t forget to make the same checks on your spare tyre.
  • Don’t forget to check the tyres on a trailer or caravan if you are towing.

If you haven’t changed your tyres for five years or more, get them checked. Even if a tyre looks good, tyre rubber degrades because of the effects of weather. Particularly here in Brisbane, UV rays from the sun deplete tyre strength.

Be safe, not sorry. Don’t take any chances. Contact us today and book an appointment for a tyre check.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin Wood

Are second hand tyres the the best tyres for your vehicle?

Could buying second hand tyres be the costliest thing you do?

You might think that second hand used or part worn tyres are an affordable and reliable option. But do they represent good value for money? Here we debunk some of the myths to see if second hand tyres are the best tyres for your vehicle.

Besides everything in this article the fact remains that the cost of new tyres has dropped so much that second hand tyres, retreads and any other form of non-new tyres, is a declining market. So consider the new alternative to your second hand before making a decision.

Where do part worn tyres come from?

Part worn tyres are second hand tyres. They could come from anywhere. When you buy them, there is no way of telling who previously owned them. You don’t even know what country they have been used. Nor do you know how they were driven.

Second hand tyres might be sourced from car wrecking services, vehicle recyclers, or even illegal tyre dumps. We’re not saying that second hand tyre shops sell poor products. One thing is sure, though: you simply won’t know the history of a second-hand tyre.

Are second-hand tyres the best tyres for the safety of your vehicle?

A study conducted in England in 2014 showed that 1.5 million drivers had bought illegal part worn tyres in the previous five years. In 2015, TyreSafe found that 98% of part worn tyres would not pass trading standards.

I don’t know about you, but those statistics put me off buying second-hand tyres for life.

When you buy second hand tyres, you should be told what amount of tread they have remaining. Some will be as high as 80% to 100%. Others are as low as 40%. Any wear on tread will affect your driving performance.

Age of tyres also affects them. A second hand tyre could be almost 100% tread grade, but it might be ten years old. It could have been on a car that was hardly ever driven. But it has been weathered by ten years of sun and rain, while it stood on the road mostly unused.

Is the saving worth the risk?

There’s no doubt that buying second hand tyres will save you money. But you have to weigh the financial saving with the risk you’re taking. You don’t know the history of the tyre. You won’t know if they pass all the legal requirements in Queensland.

If you buy a pet from a dog rescue home, you won’t know the dog’s history. You won’t know its full medical or mental state. When you take the dog home, you understand that there is risk involved.

If second hand tyres are called ‘risk-involved tyres’, would you buy them?

For the best deals in new tyres, get in touch with the team at Darra today. Give us a call on 3333 5510 – we’ll be happy to help.



Kevin Wood

Brisbane Tyres could be used to Protect Queensland from Cyclones

Finally a good idea for the disposal of Brisbane Tyres!

When you’re driving around I bet you don’t generally realise the impact that your tyres could have on the environment and people you’ve never even met. For once car tyres can be seen in a whole new light; as a positive impact on the environment and other people.

One man; Stephen Salter has developed an idea that could stop the formation of Cyclones in tropical climates. He’s had some massive support too; Microsoft founder and known philanthropist Bill Gates has openly come out to back what could possibly be one of the biggest and under appreciated ideas of our time. I’ll explain how this works in a second but first just think about that idea; your used car tyres could be the difference between millions of dollars of damage, the loss of precious property and (worst of all) loved ones.

What Is It & How Does It Work?

To explain that we have to have a quick look at how a Cyclone forms;<./p>

A cyclone only forms when the ocean temperature reaches above 27 degrees Celsius. The warm water heats the air around it and as we all know; warm air rises. As it does this it carries up moisture into the atmosphere and releases that moisture to form clouds then it cools and falls again. This process is how a cyclone, hurricane or typhoon is formed.


Ok now we have that out of the way let’s get back to the Professor Salter and his cyclone stopper. The system designed by Salter has been around for some time now yet things have been strangely quiet concerning it. Designed in 2012 the system has been dubbed by many as the ‘Salter Sink’.

The Salter Sink

In a nutshell the concept of the Salter Sink is one of heat sinking. Which is just a fancy way of saying it is a device that does not use engines or machinery but passively dissipates heat from one area into its surrounding medium (such as air or water).

In this case, the heat sink would be out floating in the ocean where it would cool the temperature of the oceans’ surface through the use of long plastic tubes plunging right down into the coldest parts of the ocean. These plastic tubes would be kept afloat by your used tyres all lashed together.

As waves crash and rock these tyres water will spill into them into the tubes. As wave after wave crashes over the tyres and into the centre of the tube that warm water would work its way down the tubes to the bottom of the ocean forcing cooler water towards the surface and thus cooling the ocean enough to hinder the production of hurricanes.


As you can see the picture isn’t the best but explains the process simply. The warmer water from near the surface would make its way down to the bottom of the ocean to the cooler blue region and thus cool the surface temperature of the ocean.

All this with plastic tubes and your recycled car tyres. Pretty amazing how simple uses for what most consider to be unusable junk can affect so many in such a profound way. We certainly look forward to seeing one of these go into action and hope you do too.


Kevin Wood

Poor Quality Tyres, don’t settle for Second Hand Safety

People can be quite deceptive when it comes to selling a second hand car, not only will they say “I’m the only owner it runs really well” and “Don’t worry about the rattling, my mates a mechanic he said it was fine” they will often go to extreme lengths to get roadworthy’s and safety certificates for a car that may not actually be roadworthy. Poor quality tyres can be the most dangerous part of a second hand car.

There has been a crackdown in Queensland in the past year or so on increasing the penalties for mechanics found to be giving roadworthy’s for a carton of beer or a sly $100. But the actual seller of the car can contribute to the car getting a ‘roadworthy’ and then changing parts back to make it the same old car.

Check the tyres!

Make sure the tyres are of legal tread depth. It has been known that people will buy a cheap re-tread tyre or even new tyres to put on the car to pass the roadworthy and then simply replace the old tyres and keep the new ones for their own vehicle.

Apart from this being illegal unless you know your tyres you may not actually notice until you have handed over your hard earned cash and driven away in your “roadworthy” car. If you are unsure of how to check this or don’t know what the legal tread depth is then click here to find our article on 4 checks for tyre safety.

Don’t feel pressured to buy something that’s not safe!

Feel free to have the cars tyres checked by the tyre experts here at Darra Tyres. Our team of industry professionals will be more than happy to check over the vehicles tyres and explain to you how much life they have left and if in fact they are legal or not.

So don’t settle for second best on safety…

So whether you are selling or buying call the team at Darra Tyres on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online to book the vehicle in for a check. We’ll make sure your either selling a vehicle with safe tyres on it, or your new purchase is in fact legal and the tyres will keep you on the road.


Annette Wood

Tyre Shops Brisbane – Why you can trust a family owned business like Darra Tyres…

You don’t just get tyres from the team at Darra Tyres, you get a commitment…

What you and your business need is reliability, safety and cost effective solutions. You also need a tyre partner you can trust. The big tyre retailers are all about margins, sales targets and maximising their profit. While those things are key aspects to a business so are the relationships with its customers.

Being a family owned and operated business enables us to understand how important your business needs are. We believe in building key relationships with all our customers and we are committed to seeing you get the best products for your vehicles, drivers’ safety and your budget.

We’re here for the long haul…

You don’t just get tyres from your purchase from us at Darra Tyres, you get a commitment to your safety and business. We have all the tools to keep you on the road safer and longer. For all our passenger sales we provide you with a comprehensive 5,000 and 10,000 kilometre inspection of your tyres including a tyre rotation if necessary and wheel alignment at 10,000km.

And for our commercial customers we offer a 24hour roadside service to the greater Brisbane area. Repairs, punctures and replacements all done on the side of the road, so you are never left stranded!

Never worry about your fleet again…

With Darra Tyres fleet management system you will never have to worry about the safety of your vehicles tyres again. We will come to you to perform routine pressure checks and tyre inspections. All part of our commitment to keeping you safe and saving you money.

We have all your tyre needs…

From the sedan to the semi and the tractor to the trailer we have the right tyres for you. No matter what the vehicle or the budget we have got you covered. So give the team a call now or enquire online and one of tyre experts will contact you shortly.