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Business as usual for the ATA As fleet tyre services specialists, we fully support the work of all that aim to increase safety on the roads, and as an authority working toward safety on the roads, the Australian Trucking Association has been busy of late: It has lobbied hard for a strengthening of the Chain […]

When it comes to Earthmoving tyres, rims, and wheel assemblies are critical items on vehicles. If they’re fitted incorrectly, or the tyre or part used is sub-standard, the results could be fatal. Good earthmoving tyre maintenance really is a matter of life or death. The difference between earthmoving tyres and car tyres is bigger than […]

A Versatile Tyre Centre we even do Australia Army G-Wagon… Kevin Wood our Managing Director is ex-army (Artillery Transport) and also is the current RSL Darra Branch Chairman. In fact, Rodney our workshop Manager and Brett who runs our Marketing are also ex-military, so we’ve always had a close affiliation with our servicemen and women […]

Hey guys, We are pleased to announce that we are now members of the Truck Power Tyre Alliance which gives our clients around Australia access to tyres wherever they are. Through the alliance they can expect the same level of service as if they were at our Darra Workshop. The main brands that will be […]

Hey guys, Kevin inspects truck tyres for abnormal wear. The truck in the video is actually a new truck that has come in after 500kms for its first settling in check up. These tyres are straight from the manufacturer and already are showing signs of abnormal wear. Luckily its been caught soon enough that not […]

Hey guys, The team from the Queensland Ambulance Tactical Support Unit have been up helping flood victim out west and on their return of course the first place they go is Darra Tyres to make sure their tyres are in tip-top condition. Ready for whatever the next emergency might throw at them. Keeping your family […]

So you own a four wheel drive (4WD) fitted with the best tyres, but you just aren’t quite too sure how to use to it’s full potential? Don’t worry, there are many others out there in the same boat, well for this matter 4WD. Here and some quick and helpful tips that can help you […]

Do you have agricultural machinery or tractors but don’t really have the time to use them on your land? Neglecting tractor tyres, agricultural machinery tyres or any industrial tyres for that matter for an extended period of time can be deadly. Tyres will start to perish after they have been sitting unused for quite some […]

You don’t just get tyres from the team at Darra Tyres, you get a commitment… What you and your business need is reliability, safety and cost effective solutions. You also need a tyre partner you can trust. The big tyre retailers are all about margins, sales targets and maximising their profit. While those things are […]