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You won’t see a giant crocodile in our tyre shop

The news came out last week in Straits Times when a 5m long giant crocodile was found wandering inside a tyre shop in Sarawak, Malaysia. We assure you that when you go to Darra Tyres, there will be no giant croc surprises. Instead, our super friendly staff will be happy to assist/ help you with your needs.

Croc 2




A great way to dispose old tyres in Brisbane!

Brisbane Tyres turned to chic bags and accessories

Worry no more about your old run down tyres. Inner tube tyres can now be recycled and turned into fashionable accessories for your everyday use!

We at Darra Tyres have always been an advocate of tyre or rubber recycling. Annette and I have been approached by Sarah Textor of Clive Street and were amazed by her passion for producing sustainable bags and accessories. We immediately jumped on board to help her with her cause.

Sarah Textor owner of Clive Street was so sweet to write us a note saying;

“As the owner of sustainable bag and accessories label that uses textiles such as inner tube tyres, advertising billboard skins and seatbelt webbing. The most important element to creating my range is the local business community that keeps the used textiles for me to collect and use. After searching for a tyre business that could keep the inner tube tyres from their workshop I came across Darra Tyres. From the very beginning, Kevin and Annette have been so supportive of my sustainable business. Keeping the inner tubes and storing them for me until I can get the items from their shop and collect them. Kevin is always interested in my projects and designs and is really committed to supporting me in any way. I am very grateful for Darra Tyres for taking an interest in other small business who believe in sustainability and recycling

The "CuB" Duffel Bag   Large Wallet












It’s amazing how innovative we can be with seemingly useless items. Help save the earth by reinventing waste in creative ways!


Kevin Wood

Car recalls and smarter tyres in Brisbane

Important news for drivers in Queensland

It’s been a while since I wrote a news blog, but recent industry news is both important and exciting. Important for your safety, and exciting for both safety and the driving experience. Let’s start with the safety news first, which affects both vehicle and tyres in Brisbane.

Car recalls you mustn’t ignore

I don’t know how car manufacturers can release mass-produced cars that are unsafe. They spend so much on research, development and testing. Here I am, warning about not one manufacturer recalling vehicles, but two.

BMW recalls i3 extended electric models in Australia

If you own a BMW i3 with a fuel tank, you could be driving Brisbane’s streets in a potential fire box. The i3s that were sold between July 2014 and November last year are the ones that are at risk.

The problem is a weak fuel ventilation line. It could rub against the car and rupture. If this happens, fuel could leak. And leaking fuel equals a high possibility of fire. If you own one of these models or know someone who does, call the BMW dealer now. Not tomorrow morning, and not next week.

Volkswagen recalls Golf small cars because of wrong tyre specs

As if Volkswagen haven’t had enough bad publicity in recent years, they just recalled all the Golf small cars sold in Australia between 2016 and 2017. The reason is that they’ve been fitted with the wrong tyre placard.

The tyre placard tells you about the tyre ratings for your car. It details speed, inflation, and load maximums. This tyre guide tells you about the best tyre pressures for your car, too. Get these wrong, and you’ll be using more fuel than you should. Your drive will be less comfortable. But, most importantly, you could be risking tyre damage and a blowout. (Brush up on how to bring your car to a safe standstill and how to change a tyre after a blowout.)

Again, if you own a Golf small car which was sold from the beginning of 2016, get hold of the Volkswagen dealer now. One phone call could save your life.

Okay, let’s move on to something a little more uplifting.

The future for tyres in Brisbane is smart

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how tyre development is set to rival Star Wars science fiction. It’s getting closer.

Goodyear has presented the world with its vision of tyres of the future. Its concept tyre, the Eagle-360, was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show. And what a tyre it is!

It looks more like the Death Star from Star Wars than a tyre. And get this load of features:

  • Magnetic levitation
  • A sponge-like groove design that softens on wet road to resist aquaplaning
  • Centrifugal force ejects surface water
  • A layer of foam increases contact area with the road
  • Active technology allows the tyre to move as needed and automatically avoid hazards
  • Your car will face front, while steering left and right!
  • Automatic speed adjustment

This tyre is completely connected to your car and can sense, decide, transform and interact. It will connect with other vehicles, too, alerting them off road and weather conditions, and other hazards. With this information, the tyre will adapt ahead of time as it proactively prepares for the road ahead.

And what about tyre wear? Well, the tyre takes care of that, too. Sensors detect how much wear is being cased and alters tyre position to extend mileage and minimise fuel consumption.

This thing could put me out of business! Mind you, it’s a few years away yet…

Commercial vehicle tyres are already smart

Michelin truck tyres are adding radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to its retreads. With this technology, fleets can manage their tyres better, increasing life, reducing fuel consumption, and improving safety. It’s been rolled out to 260 fleets and 36,000 commercial vehicles across the United States.

Maybe those futuristic spheres aren’t so far away, after all.

We’re here to help. We’ve got extensive experience in the supply, fitting and maintenance of tyres for all types of vehicles Brisbane and Queensland. Contact us today (by Skype, telephone, or on our contact form) and discover the Darra advantage that benefits so many other fleet managers.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin Wood

Darra Tyres News: Allan Williams is our new Business Development Manager

Hey guys,

We’re happy to announce that we’ve hired Allan Williams a long time industry expert to progress the Business Development arm of Darra Tyres and oversee the management of the Darra office. Allan is well know in the industry have working in and around West Brisbane and Ipswich for that past 25 years. Prior to this role Allan run a business called Precision Tyre Regrooving based in Ipswich and which has now become part of the group.

So stay tuned for lots of changes as we expand west into Ipswich and Lockyer Valley in the next few months.

Keeping you family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and the team at Darra Tyres

Hankook Tyres Australia take us up in the Traffic News chopper

Hey guys,

Thanks to our friends at Hankook Tyres we were invited to go up in the morning traffic news helicopter. Despite having to get up early Annette Wood and Nathan Pepper enjoyed the flight around Brisbane searching out traffic and potential accidents to report on.

Hankook Tyres Australia

Poorly inflated tyres, bald spots or low tread levels are a major contributor to accidents as they increase braking distance especially in the wet.

Yours in keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Annette Wood

Brisbane Tyres – Darra Tyre’s Client Testimonial, Stenia James

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from Stania James, one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

“Thank you SO much for the excellent job in replacing my tyres today.

I now feel that I am driving a Ferrari as opposed to a “No Power Steering Toyota Echo”

The bones in my wrist no longer break when I turn corners!

It actually feels as if I DO have Power Steering

My appreciation to all of you (especially Paul!)”

Warm Regards
Stenia James

If your in need of new tyres, fleet servicing or have any questions on the best tyres for your vehicle(s) then don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us.


The Darra Tyres Team.

Darra Tyres, Tyre Centre Testimonial – Louie Deen – Sailmove Pty Ltd

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from Louie Deen, one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

Dear Annette:

‘Darra Tyre Service has been our tyre service and repairer of choice for 20 years. Their employees are very experienced and highly qualified especially when working with our Heavy Haulage fleet which includes Large Prime Movers, Low Loaders and Semi-Trailers. The service provided by Darra Tyres is always first class and they are always available when needed to go that extra mile especially when it comes to breakdowns. Darra Tyres’ staff are always courteous and have a great attitude and are happy to provide advice on tyre selection and service requirements.

I would recommend Darra Tyres to anyone for their fleet tyre service and I hope our working relationship continues far on into the future.’

Kind Regards,

Louie Deen

Owner / Manager

Sailmove Pty Ltd

If your looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then give us a call on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team

Darra Tyre’s Tyre Centre Client Testimonial – PE Francis Earthmoving

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

“We have worked closely with Darra Tyres for the past 18 years. Their experience in the industry and product

knowledge is second to none. Their staff are always polite and their turn around time on repairs and breakdowns

is excellent. We always use Darra Tyres because of their attention to detail and willingness to help.

I am always quick to recommend them to my fellow workers,family and friends…”

Tim Ledez
P&E Francis Plant Hire

If you are looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then call us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team,