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A great way to dispose old tyres in Brisbane!

Brisbane Tyres turned to chic bags and accessories

Worry no more about your old run down tyres. Inner tube tyres can now be recycled and turned into fashionable accessories for your everyday use!

We at Darra Tyres have always been an advocate of tyre or rubber recycling. Annette and I have been approached by Sarah Textor of Clive Street and were amazed by her passion for producing sustainable bags and accessories. We immediately jumped on board to help her with her cause.

Sarah Textor owner of Clive Street was so sweet to write us a note saying;

“As the owner of sustainable bag and accessories label that uses textiles such as inner tube tyres, advertising billboard skins and seatbelt webbing. The most important element to creating my range is the local business community that keeps the used textiles for me to collect and use. After searching for a tyre business that could keep the inner tube tyres from their workshop I came across Darra Tyres. From the very beginning, Kevin and Annette have been so supportive of my sustainable business. Keeping the inner tubes and storing them for me until I can get the items from their shop and collect them. Kevin is always interested in my projects and designs and is really committed to supporting me in any way. I am very grateful for Darra Tyres for taking an interest in other small business who believe in sustainability and recycling

The "CuB" Duffel Bag   Large Wallet












It’s amazing how innovative we can be with seemingly useless items. Help save the earth by reinventing waste in creative ways!


Kevin Wood

Six tyre myths burst forever

Are your tyre beliefs compromising your safety on Brisbane’s roads?

Most people hold a lot of common misconceptions about their tyres. Perhaps our fathers have taught us what they’ve been mistakenly taught by their fathers. Maybe what seems to be common sense, isn’t. Whatever the reason, if you follow these incorrect ‘tyre rules’ you could be putting yourself, your passengers, and other road users at risk.  Here are the six most common tyre myths I hear from customers.

1.    “There is no need to rotate tyres”

Most people have heard about the need to rotate tyres. Some drivers I’ve spoken to in Brisbane even think that rotating tyres is dangerous. Few believe that tyre rotation could save your life and protect your quality tyres.

Tyres wear differently depending upon where they are positioned on the vehicle. Rotating them evens out this wear and tear, and makes for a smoother and safer driving experience. It also helps to prolong the life of your tyres.

2.    “Used tyres are either great or rubbish”

Everyone has an opinion on used tyres and retreads. The majority either believe they are a bargain and perfectly usable, or that they should be avoided like the plague. The truth is that some used tyres are a bargain, especially if they are nearly new.

If you are considering buying new tyres, make sure you inspect them closely for wear, cuts, grazes and scars. A spare set of used tyres could be an investment worth making. If you do suffer a flat, you’ll have a replacement immediately handy.

3.    “There’s no need to check tyres”

If you think there is no need to check your tyres, you are not alone. You might also be one of the most dangerous drivers on Brisbane’s roads. The more experienced drivers are usually the ones that carry out regular tyre checks because they know how important it is. A bulging sidewall could be the warning of a blowout soon to happen.

If there is one habit you should adopt, it’s the four-minute tyre check that everyone should make.

4.    “If you inflate the tyre above its maximum pressure, it will burst”

The maximum pressure denoted on the sidewall indicates the maximum pressure at which the maximum load can be carried safely. A quality tyre won’t burst if inflated above the maximum pressure. However, you will want to avoid hitting a pothole at speed if your tyre is inflated to a very high pressure.

5.    “Unused tyres will last forever”

No, they won’t. Tyre rubber degrades even if the tyres aren’t driven on. Sun primarily degrades tyres. Even if you don’t drive many kilometres, you should consider changing your tyres a minimum of every five years – and certainly, have them checked by a specialist to make sure they are still robust and safe to use.

6.    “When you replace tyres, always put the new ones on the front axle”

It certainly sounds like the correct thing to do, but when you replace tyres, it’s the rear ones you should replace. Move the existing good tyres to the front, and put the new tyres on the rear. The reason you do this is that it is your rear tyres that give most stability to the car. They help maintain balance when you brake in wet conditions. It helps prevent skidding and spinning.

If your rear tyres have less tread than your front tyres, contact us today. Any delay in doing so could put you at risk, especially in poor driving conditions.

You should enjoy your driving, and know you’re safe while doing so. Your tyres are key to your safety on the road. Check them regularly, inflate correctly, and rotate regularly. Buy the best-quality tyres you can afford. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about the condition of your tyres here in West Brisbane.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin Wood


Brisbane tyres – 7 symptoms of dangerously worn tyres

Brisbane tyres – Learn when to have your tyres replaced

With every journey you make in and around Brisbane, your tyres suffer wear and tear. Even a trip to take the kids to school or drive round the corner to buy essential supplies from the local store affects your tyres. Even if you religiously follow every one of our 8 top tips to make your tyres last longer, eventually your tyres start losing their tread. When this happens, your drive is a little less comfortable. Worn tyres impact how your car performs, whatever the road conditions, and worst case could be the cause of a fatal accident. Way too late. Brisbane tyres go through extreme weather and tough roads

In this article, you’ll learn how to spot signs your tyres are worn to the point of posing a threat to you, your passengers, and other road users. If you experience any of these symptoms, or notice the tyre wear and tear described, take your car to our Brisbane tyre shop and get your tyres checked out professionally. (Or somewhere closer to you)

Feel and listen for a worsening driving experience

The first signs of wearing tyres are often felt or heard. Most drivers put noise or vibration down to poor road conditions or bad driving surfaces − a common mistake to make on many of Brisbane’s roads. Here are four common driving experiences that many drivers mistake for something other than tyre wear:

1.     More vibration than normal

Some vibration is natural when driving. A car engine is full of moving parts, and movement causes vibration. Of course, vibration is also caused by poorly laid roads. It might also be due to a problem with your suspension (in itself a source of concern, and an issue that will decrease your Brisbane tyre life).

You’ll instinctively know how much vibration is natural when driving and be able to feel when the amount of vibration increases to an abnormal level. If you do feel this, then it may be a sign that your tyres need examining.

Vibration is also one of the ways to tell that it’s time to get your tyres aligned: an issue that can be tested and corrected easily at our Brisbane tyre shop.

2.     A noisier drive than usual

Even though there will always be road noise, there are different sounds that should start to alarm you. I drive with the radio either set low or turned off so that I receive these advance warnings of tyre wear:

  • A continuous buzz or hum is often an indication that the tread has worn unevenly as if it’s been chopped. It is a pretty dangerous tyre problem, often caused by ineffective suspension or poor tyre rotation. Read our tyre blog “Save your life and your money by proper tyre rotation” for more information about the risks of uneven tyre wear and how tyre rotation reduces these risks and helps tyres last longer.
  • If you notice a thumping sound while driving, the likelihood is that you’ve got a bald spot on a tyre. The cause of this is uneven or harsh braking (you may need to adjust your driving style). Bald spots can’t be repaired – get your tyre replaced as soon as possible.

(While I’m discussing tyre noise, if your tyres squeak or screech when you’re turning a corner or driving a bend, it’s most likely that your tyres are underinflated.)

3.     Movement in the steering wheel

Your steering wheel should be solid with little to no lateral movement when you’re driving. If you notice a wobble either in the steering wheel or the car itself (especially when driving in low gears at low speeds), then one or more of your tyres probably needs replacing.

Wobbling and bouncing are commonly caused by an internal tyre problem. You might also notice the tread bubbling. If you feel these symptoms when driving, get down to our tyre shop immediately – it’s a real serious issue, and you need your tyres changed before it’s too late.

4.     Aquaplaning, like you’re water skiing

If you feel like your car isn’t gripping like it should when the roads are wet in Brisbane, you’ve probably got tyres that have worn tread. The wear could be even, but a smoother tyre means more likelihood of aquaplaning: a grave cause for concern in areas that suffer flash floods and slick roads.

In a nutshell, if you’ve lost traction you need new tyres. Now. Today. Tomorrow could be too late.

Look for physical signs of tyre wear

Having covered the symptoms of tyre wear that you’ll feel and hear, let’s turn our attention to the visual signs that your tyres are past their ‘use-by date’:

5.     Can you see the tread indicator bar?

Some while ago, a bright spark at a tyre manufacturer came up with a life-saving idea: put a bar on tyres that makes it easy to see if the tread is worn beyond safety. When your tyres are new, you won’t even see these bars; but when worn you’ll see bars that run perpendicular to the tread. If this is the case, then you need your tyres changed.

You can also use a tyre gauge to measure tread depth, making sure it conforms to Australian tyre tread regulations.

6.     Do you have cracks in the tyre sidewalls?

So far we’ve concentrated on tyre tread, but other problems can occur that are just as dangerous. One of these is cracking on the sidewalls of your tyres. These weaken the structure of a tyre and increase the risk of a blowout. If you notice cracks or cuts on the sidewall of any of your tyres, have the tyre checked.

7.     Is your tyre blistering or bulging?

Time takes its toll on tyres, even if your car isn’t being used. The sun and hot weather, in particular, can weaken tyres, and one of the symptoms of this is blistering or bulging of the tyre. These bulges are natural weak spots, increasing the possibility of a blowout. Don’t take any risks with bulging tyres: get them checked straight away.

Stay tyre safe

Check for stones, nails, oil and fuel residue, and the visible signs of wear, tear and damage that I’ve described above.

In the 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, a lot of governments produced advice about the four-minute warning − that’s the time they guessed people would have to save themselves from a nuclear holocaust. A tyre blowout, loss of control because of aquaplaning, or increased braking distance may not be the nuclear holocaust that we were so sacred about 40 years ago. But for you and your passengers, the result could be just as catastrophic.

Check your tyre and stay tyre safe. It could be the most productive four minutes of your life.

Call us today on (07) 3333 5510, and book an appointment for a tyre check. Our job is to make sure you and your passengers are safe on the roads and help you save money at the same time.


Kevin Wood

Brisbane Tyres – Four Tyre Safety Checks you must do

Is your idea of checking your tyres a quick glance every now and then before you get in the car?

It is too often the case that tyre safety is taken for granted, the tyres on your vehicle are arguably the most crucial part and your point of contact with the road. Checking your vehicles tyres to make sure they are safe doesn’t need to involve you getting all greased up and wasting an hour of your time. With Brisbane tyres going through some challenging conditions then you need

Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure of your tyres can be checked quickly and easily on your own. Whether it’s once a week when you fill up for petrol or you use a personal pressure gauge, which can be purchased from most tyre retailers or auto specialists. To avoid inaccurate readings the tyre pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold. Why? Because a heat build up in tyres after driving can affect the pressure reading of your tyres.

Condition of Tyre Wall

A quick visual inspection of the tyre wall can be a good way to check for cracking, cuts or bursts in the tyre sidewall. To get a proper physical inspection of your tyres it would be best to bring your vehicle down to us and we can give it a thorough check and teach you the best ways to practice tyre safety.

Check the spare!!

The tyre we all forgot about too easily. If you have had no problems with your tyres and have been maintaining them correctly then you probably have never needed the spare. But in the unfortunate circumstance that you get a burst or a puncture, will your spare be ready for the road?

Enough Tread?

If you’re unsure of how much tread a tyre needs to be legal it’s 1.6mm according to Australian Standards. All tyres will come with tread depth indicators which are rubber nodules that are moulded in between the centre tread on the tyres. If these are exposed or starting to wear then your tyres need replacing immediately. If you can’t find your tread depth indicators or are unsure if your tyres are above legal limit then you should come to us immediately. We can take the wheel off and show you how your tyres compared to the legal standard.

By following these guidelines to tyre safety you are saving yourself money and keeping your family and fleet safely on the road!

Brisbane Tyres – Annette Wood raises money for orphans in Cambodia

Hey guys,

Well we’d like to say congratulations to Annette from Darra Tyres who has completed the Charity bike tour of Cambodia. Annette visited various orphanages as she made her way around with 20 other women all on bikes.

Brisbane Tyres

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The Team at Darra Tyres.