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The Dangers of Driving on Part Worn Poor Quality Tyres

What risk are you taking behind the wheel of poor quality tyres?

No matter how good a driver you are, if your tyres aren’t up to scratch you’re putting your life in danger. More importantly, you’re putting other people’s lives at risk. Poor quality tyres includes partly worn tyres, even if they were once high quality.

A survey in Australia last year found that almost half of all drivers did not know if their tyres were legal or not. Nearly a third of drivers quizzed in the survey admitted that they drove on worn tyres they thought were illegal.

In this post, I’ll look at some of the dangers of driving on part worn tyres that are, in fact, illegal. You’ll also discover how to ensure easily that your worn tyres meet the legal requirements.

Women are more at risk than men

The Canstar Blue survey questioned 1,600 drivers in early 2015. It found that:

  • 40% of Australian drivers don’t know the law on tyre safety standards
  • 29% believe they have driven on illegal tyres
  • 25% don’t know what the correct air pressure for their tyres is, or where to find their tyre pressure guide
  • 20% don’t know how to check their tyres for wear

Perhaps most disturbingly, female drivers are:

  • two times more likely to not know about tyre safety standards; and
  • three times less likely to know how to check their tyres are safe and legal.

What job do tyres do?

Your tyres are an essential part of your car. They help you stick to the road in all conditions. A good tyre properly inflated will reduce fuel consumption and improve the driving experience. In wet weather, they push water away and stop you from aquaplaning.

If you’re driving at 100 kilometres per hour, each of your tyres might have to expel as much as nine litres of water every second in wet conditions. If they didn’t do this, you’d feel like you were driving on ice.

It’s the tread and tread depth which enables the tyre to cope with this amount of water on the road. If you drive on a worn tyre, the grip is destroyed. You might as well be driving in the Arctic. You can imagine the devastation a 100 kilometre-per-hour crash causes. And all because you didn’t know how to check your tyres.

What is a legal tyre, and how do you check on wear?

Under Australian law, you must have at least 1.5mm of the tread where the tyre contacts the road. We used to check this with coin edges. Not very scientific, and not very accurate. Fortunately, most tyres now have tread wear indicator bars. When the tread has worn down to the limit, the tread bar will be level with the tread.

Tyre wear is caused by a range of factors. The roads on which you drive and the weather conditions in which you drive are two of the things that you have little to no control over. But excessive speed, late and violent braking, and driving corners too fast all add to tyre wear. Driving poorly not only increases the possibility that you’ll have an accident, but it also increases the cost of driving.

Don’t stop at checking tread

Tyres have a limited life irrespective of how you drive. Excessive heat or sunlight will deteriorate the rubber. Every time you rub the sidewall against the kerb when parking, a little bit more damage is caused to your tyre.

Tread wear is easier to spot than sidewall wear or other damage. Don’t forget that a spare tyre might not be roadworthy, even if it has never been used before.

Whenever you have your tyres replaced, get the spare checked. And if you’re not sure how to check your tyres to see if they are part worn, bring your car to us, and we’ll show you how.

Don’t be embarrassed that you don’t know the legal limits or how to check your tyre for wear – you’re in the company of almost half of all Australia’s drivers. Getting your tyres checked regularly will put you into the elite driver category – those who make sure their tyres are legal and that road safety is a priority.

Contact Darra Tyres today on (07) 3333 5510. We’re here to serve.


Kevin Wood


Maintaining Quality Tyres, 4 Mistakes and How to Spot them

There are a few common causes of tyre wear, this article will discuss the reasons behind these common causes and the solutions to getting them fixed and preserving your quality tyres!

Over Inflation

If you have excessive wear on the centre of the tyres tread this is caused due to over inflating the tyres air pressure consistently. Think how the centre of the tyre will make more impact when it is over inflated and therefore causing the centre of the tyre to wear prematurely. Always check the tyre pressure according to the manufacturers guidelines on the tyre placard on your vehicle.

Tyre Under Inflation

Basically the exact opposite of what we just spoke about. Having an under inflated tyre will cause the inside and outside edge of the tyre to wear quicker than the centre of the tyre. Consistently having under inflated tyres will not only cost you more due to the need to replace the tyres quicker but are also extremely dangerous to drive on. Under inflated tyres cause lack of control, increased braking distances and poor handling. Again, always check the tyre pressures to the recommended pressure as per the manufacturers recommendation.

Wearing on one side only

If you have found that one side of your tyres is wearing faster than the rest of the tyre then your vehicle is need of a wheel alignment. When your wheel alignment is off it causes the wheel to lean too much on the one side and puts the majority of the weight/load on that part of the tyre causing it to wear down much quicker than the rest of the tyre. More than likely your vehicle will just need a simple wheel alignment but there could also be other factors that can affect the alignment and will need to be assessed by one of our team or a mechanic.


Bent or damaged suspension can cause ‘cups’ or ‘scalloped dips’ appearing on your tyre. The will appear on one side of the tyre and it will look like someone has ground the edge of the tyre off. A wheel alignment can sometimes cure this, if this occurring to your tyres it is best to go straight to our workshop for proper inspection and to make sure the problem doesn’t lie deeper in the suspension parts or any other component that connects the wheel to the car.

To have your tyres and wheel alignment assessed by an industry expert come down to Darra Tyres in Station Avenue Darra. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry and we are here to help you! Call us now on (07) 3333 5510 and one of our team will contact you within one business day.


Kevin Wood

Would you trust these poor quality tyres for your family?

Hey guys,

I was in a supermarket in Alicante, Spain when I stumbled upon the most dangerous sight. Sure the Spaniards are known for beautiful weather, crystal clear beaches, relaxed outlook, great sangria and fabulous paella but this really took the cake of relaxed.

€27.00 tyres and the kicker is they call them family car tyres. I wouldn’t trust my pet dog let alone me family to travel on these.

cheap Supermarket Tyres

On closer inspection the tyres are extremely poor quality, the rubber feels like something you’d expect off the back of a pencil, this will cause them to wear quickly, if you wheels aren’t balanced then they will wear unevenly, try and stop in the wet and you’re likely to slide all the way along the street.

Now sure Spain has great weather, it doesn’t rain, well I hate to say but it does, it rains and it pours, Alicante is the garden belt of Spain, know for its good rainfall, very much the same climate as Queensland.

So why would you sell poor quality tyres like this…

The answer is profit. These tyres are made from the lowest quality, many times from the offcuts and leftovers from other tyres, they aren’t meant to keep you safe they are simply meant to maximise profits.

I cannot stress enough about using a professional team, a team that knows your vehicle, your usage and the environment the tyres will be used in.

That’s what the team at Darra Tyres is all about… Proper tyres for your vehicle not €27 euro ones that will be lucky to last 6 months and aren’t appropriate for the driving conditions in Queensland and Australia. Give Kevin Wood or one of the team a call on (07) 3333 5510 to find out what tyres will best suit your needs and your budget, or click here to enquire online.

Your tyre experts in keeping your family and fleet safely on the road.

Kevin and the team at Darra Tyres

Poor Quality Tyres, don’t settle for Second Hand Safety

People can be quite deceptive when it comes to selling a second hand car, not only will they say “I’m the only owner it runs really well” and “Don’t worry about the rattling, my mates a mechanic he said it was fine” they will often go to extreme lengths to get roadworthy’s and safety certificates for a car that may not actually be roadworthy. Poor quality tyres can be the most dangerous part of a second hand car.

There has been a crackdown in Queensland in the past year or so on increasing the penalties for mechanics found to be giving roadworthy’s for a carton of beer or a sly $100. But the actual seller of the car can contribute to the car getting a ‘roadworthy’ and then changing parts back to make it the same old car.

Check the tyres!

Make sure the tyres are of legal tread depth. It has been known that people will buy a cheap re-tread tyre or even new tyres to put on the car to pass the roadworthy and then simply replace the old tyres and keep the new ones for their own vehicle.

Apart from this being illegal unless you know your tyres you may not actually notice until you have handed over your hard earned cash and driven away in your “roadworthy” car. If you are unsure of how to check this or don’t know what the legal tread depth is then click here to find our article on 4 checks for tyre safety.

Don’t feel pressured to buy something that’s not safe!

Feel free to have the cars tyres checked by the tyre experts here at Darra Tyres. Our team of industry professionals will be more than happy to check over the vehicles tyres and explain to you how much life they have left and if in fact they are legal or not.

So don’t settle for second best on safety…

So whether you are selling or buying call the team at Darra Tyres on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online to book the vehicle in for a check. We’ll make sure your either selling a vehicle with safe tyres on it, or your new purchase is in fact legal and the tyres will keep you on the road.


Annette Wood

Quality Tyres – Does US Senator Tom Harkin owe the Retreading Industry an Apology?

Hey guys,

We’ve no doubt that US senator was just being ignorant rather than trying to tarnish a whole industry, but his comments have the potential to tarnish the reputation of retreaders throughout Australia. Not that we expect any Aussie to be interested in US Democratic party speeches.

During the speech at the Iowa Democratic Party’s state convention on June 12, he referred to a Republican candidate as a ‘retread’ – an insult that has gained a some measure of popularity in the US.

He continued by saying “the problem with retreading is that they have a tendency to blow out and cause a lot of wrecks.”

Whilst the analogy may seem amusing it is actually quite far from the truth. The technology that goes into retreads today make the a viable option in many cases.

As with any decision that relates to tyres for your fleet you should be speaking to an expert who can tell you about the viability of each option.

It’s true, retreads used in the wrong situation have the potential to “blow out and cause a lot of wrecks” used correctly they can be an effective way of cutting costs.

If you haven’t considered using retreads or perhaps you want to know more about how they may or may not suit your fleet then give the team at Darra Tyres a call on 07 3333 5510 or contact us online here.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and the Darra Tyres Team