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We don’t take ourselves too seriously except where it comes to your safety, comfort and wallet. Our RUBBERS campaign was created because we were bored with booooorrriiinnnggg tyre ads that feature pictures of tyres. So we thought we’d have some fun with our ads. We hope you enjoy them and enjoy our educational approach to tyres. You’ll find the same fun/serious attitude when you meet us as well.

The major component of tyres is rubber, which is made from the sap of a rubber tree and provides income to large parts of rural areas in Asia and India. The top 5 producers of Rubbers in order are Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Vietnam.

We’re Independent
Darra Tyres’ rubbers (or tyres) come from a wide range of suppliers. We are independent which means we are not beholden to anyone and can sell the best value, most comfortable and safest tyre available on the market rather than the size available in the limited range like most stores.

Value not Price
We believe that the constant battle for, and focus on price just means consumers end up with cheap alternatives which DO NOT last in the harsh Aussie conditions. Choosing the right tyre is a function of price, usage/endurance, comfort. Often consumer focus on the price forgetting that cheap tyres don’t last and potentially are dangerous depending on the usage.

This is particularly important for commercial vehicles where downtime and risk management costs real money.

Our team have years of experience (over 100 in fact). Lead by Kevin Wood who has been involved in all aspects of tyres from military to trucking, from earthmoving to agricultural. His knowledge is second to none, a lifetime devoted to vehicles that have tyres that go round.

Any Tyre, Any Brand, Virtually Any Vehicle

We’re Independent, not controlled by the big brands and forced to sell you the wrong tyre for your needs.
We’re a local family run biz – No corporate BS. Kevin, Annette, Brett and the team have been established for over 35 years in Station Ave, Darra
You’ll get Honest Advice – The right tyre that with last the distance and keep you comfortable and safe on the road.
Great Price but not just Cheap – We give you the best value for your needs.
We DON’T want to see you every 6 months for new tyres except to tell us how great the tyres are!
All 4 tyres aligned & balanced properly, and that means Castor, Camber and Toe for front and rear. We’ll give you a full balance, not the misleading and half-arsed attempt some tyre stores make.

Darra Tyres – Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road

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