5 essential tips for storing tyres in Brisbane

How to make your spare tyres last longer and stay safer

The season is changing. The weather here in Queensland has started to turn warmer, and for many drivers that mean switching to a different set of tyres. If you’re planning a springtime Queensland adventure, you might change your normal tyres for a set that is more tuned to off-road driving. Or, perhaps you simply have a spare set of tyres tucked away. Whatever the reason, how you store your spare tyres will impact their usefulness.

If you don’t store tyres correctly here in Brisbane, you could find they rot away, even if they haven’t reached their expiry date. UV radiation from the sun, ozone damage, and oxygen all take their toll. An unused tyre could be as useless as a tyre with 100,000 kilometres on it. The following five tyre storage tips will help keep your stored tyres in top condition for longer.

1.    Clean and bag your tyres

Before putting your tyres into storage, you should clean them. Use a tyre brush to rid the tyre of dirt and brake dust. If you store on wheels, make sure to clean them, too. Dry them completely, and don’t use tyre dressing.

2.    Use airtight bags to store your tyres

Once the tyres are clean and dry, place each in an airtight plastic bag. Make sure there is no water or condensation in the bags. Large vacuum storage bags will help you to suck out as much air as possible. Once you’ve done this, use tape to make sure the bag remains airtight.

3.    Store in a cool, dry place

Keep your tyres out of sunlight, in a cool and dry location. If possible, store in a basement or climate controlled room – sheds and garages tend to suffer from temperatures that vary from hot to cold. They can also be damp and humid – not the best conditions to store tyres in. Wherever you store your tyres, keep them away from fridges and freezers, and air conditioning units.

4.    Stack tyres vertically

It’s best to stack your tyres vertically. It reduces tyre distortion. Keep them off the ground, and if possible put them on a dedicated shelf.

5.    Use them or lose them

Tyre rubber contains a protective wax. It slows down the process of oxidation, as the protective wax ‘blooms’ through the rubber compound to the surface of the tyre as it is being used. When the tyre is in storage, the wax on the surface of the tyre is eventually exhausted by oxidation – which is why you need to remove as much air from the tyre bags as possible.

When a tyre isn’t being used, the protective wax doesn’t work its way to the surface. It is another reason for unused tyres degrading just as fast as the tyres on your vehicle. The answer is to make sure you don’t store tyres for too long without using them. If you do so, you could find that when you do put them on your vehicle, they aren’t fit for purpose.

Tyres are like people!

Tyres aren’t so different from people. They age. But if you store your tyres properly, you can slow down this ageing process. However, even if your tyres look perfect, they may not be so. Before you switch the tyres on your vehicle with a stored set, always get a professional to examine them. Degraded rubber has a habit of looking as good as new, and you won’t know they’re dangerous until you suffer a blowout at speed. And no one wants that to happen to you.

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