Are these the best new tyres available in Brisbane today?

High-performance tyres for all driving needs

In the last few weeks, two new-generation tyres have been introduced into the Australian market. Both offer the advances in tyre technology that should help you drive more safely, on tyres that last longer and give better fuel consumption. Here we introduce you to Bridgestone’s Potenza S007A and the Primacy 4 from Michelin – tyres we think that Brisbane’s motorists are going to love.

Is this the ultimate high-performance tyre for high-performance cars?

It took three years for Bridgestone to develop. It includes rounded tread blocks, wide ribs, and an evolutionary construction to increase durability. The Potenza S007A is a special tyre.

3D ‘M’-shaped sipes give the tread blocks extra reinforcement, and with three extra-wide ribs, you’ll find that you benefit from better contact with the road, which, in turn, ensures that tread wear is uniform – thus aiding tyre life as well as handling.

The round tread blocks help to expel water more quickly on wet roads, providing extra grip. With a stiffened central rib, your driving should benefit from better stability and more control through corners. On some sizes, the S007A’s sidewalls are stiffened further with a Kevlar flipper, helping to provide extra grip when it is needed most: at higher speeds.

We predict that the S007A from Bridgestone is likely to become a favourite of drivers of high-performance cars.

A safer tyre, even when worn

Released on 1st August and available in sizes from 15-inch to 19-inch diameter, Michelin’s new Primacy 4 tyre is sold under the tyre manufacturer’s concept of ‘Safe when new, safe when worn’. It’s the latest in the Primacy range, and tests have shown that the tyre performs exceptionally well even when worn. You’ll find a quieter and more comfortable driving experience, with better braking distances and more certain handling.

The improved handling is thanks to Michelin’s EverGrip™ technology. Combined with a new rubber compound, energy is released faster, and water is evacuated quicker, improving grip on wet roads throughout the tyre’s lifecycle.

You’ll find that road noise is reduced, too, thanks to the Silent Rib technology that also helps provide better shock absorption on bumpy roads.

Tested by TUV Rheinland Thailand Limited, a leading independent company specialising in testing, inspection and certification services, the Primacy 4 tyre outperforms other premium tyres on wet roads, braking in a distance of 5.1 metres less when the tread is worn down to 2mm.

Grip, safety, handling, noise, fuel consumption and tyre life are important factors when you are buying new tyres. These new tyres from Michelin and Bridgestone deliver on all fronts.

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