Cut your heavy vehicle fuel consumption with Bridgestone tyres

Reduced fuel costs and lower emissions are a win/win for fleet service

Here at Darra, we’re always looking to help our clients stay safe and reduce costs. A couple of weeks ago, we posted about fleet tyre services that reduce fuel costs. Today we’re looking at the new additions to Bridgestone’s Ecopia tyre range that has got our juices flowing since they were introduced. Not only do these Bridgestone tyres reduce costs, but they’re also good for the environment, too. That’s a big win/win… and we love the double wins!

Tried and tested Bridgestone tyres

Since its introduction in 2013, Bridgestone’s Ecopia range has proved its credentials. It has now added four new sizes to the range, covering both drive and trailer. This means that Ecopia tyres can be used by up to 95% of the drive and trailer market. In an interview with, Andrew Moffat, the MD responsible for sales of Bridgestone tyres in Australia and New Zealand said:

“The key factor here is that we are consistently seeing fuel savings of up to six per cent. This reduction is beneficial to both operators and the environment.”

We couldn’t agree more. The industry is coming under increasingly strict regulations in a world that are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. If green is the way to go, then Ecopia tyres are certainly proving their worth.

Ecopia’s low resistance leads to lower fuel consumption

The design of Ecopia tyres helps to reduce resistance on the tarmac. This helps haulage and trucking companies to get more mileage and reduce fuel consumption. The knock on benefit is a huge cut in CO2 emissions.

In a market where your customers are likely to have their own carbon targets and want to promote their own green credential to their customers, being able to offer a fleet that uses less fuel and stamps a smaller carbon footprint is another positive toward clinching the next big haulage contract.

A good track record with Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer and one of the largest suppliers to Australia’s automotive industry. They’re certainly one of the most popular manufacturers here at Darra.

We’ve been supplying Bridgestone tyres for years, and this expansion of the Ecopia range is going to benefit our fleet and heavy vehicle customers.

A tip from heavy vehicle tyre customers is to put in place a good tyre maintenance program to reduce your fuel consumption costs. This will also make sure that you, your drivers, and other road users benefit from better safety on the roads. Give us a call on 3333 5510 to find out more, or to get a quote.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and The team at Darra Tyres

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