Continental Tyres in Brisbane – the tyre of choice?

Is Continental the safest tyres for Australian drivers?

Continental tyres in Brisbane have been sweeping up Best Tyre awards over the last few months. Awards have been flooding in from around the world. The best and safest performance tyres in Australia is the latest. It comes hot on the heels of success as producing the winner of the 2016 tyre test, as selected by the UK’s number one private hire and chauffeur magazine, Professional Driver. And between these two accolades, Continental tyres is given first place in Auto Bild magazine’s sportscar summer tyre test.

Which of Continental’s tyres is going gold and platinum? And how they selected as Australia’s best performance tyre? Let’s start with the tyre selected by Auto Bild.

The SportContact 6 tyre – “fast, crisp, faultless”

Auto Bild’s sportscar testers had nothing but praise for Continental’s SportContact 6 tyre. They tested the tyre on track, driving on both wet and dry asphalt. The tyre put through ten disciplines in both conditions and pitted against stiff competition from nine other tyres.

Testers praised the tyre for its handling, and precise steering response calls it “Fast, crisp and faultless on a wet track. The stuff champions are made of.”

Continental have reformulated the composition of the tread and redesigned tyre construction to give us mere mortals driving on Australia’s roads the same performance benefits. The range spans 50 rim sizes, from 19 to 23 inches.

ContiPremiumContact 5 – the No. 1 choice for UK professional drivers

Professional drivers want safety and efficiency from their tyres. Continental’s ContiPremiumContact 5 tyre delivers both. That’s the conclusion of  Professional Driver magazine. It names the tyre as the winner of its 2016 tyre test. It said the tyre is strongest in wet grip and fuel economy and provided the drive that is “easily the most comfortable”.

The tests conducted took tyres through their paces, examining performance, quality, safety and comfort. The 3D edges give the tyre more contact with the road when braking, and its eco-contour reduces energy loss and thus minimises fuel consumption.

Scott Benbow, the Product Marketing Manager at Continental, said, “This win for the Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 is an excellent endorsement for our product range, and commitment to constantly improving our tyres performance. Suitable for a wide range of cars from compact to luxury, the ContiPremiumContact 5 boasts extremely short braking distances on dry and wet roads. Utilising the superb handling characteristics from the ContiSportContact 5 and the low rolling resistance characteristics from the ContiEcoContact 5, it offers a top choice for professional drivers.”

ContiSportContact 5 P – The performance tyre for Australians

Now to Continental’s latest award, currently celebrated here in Australia.

MOTOR magazine tested a huge range of brands and tyres in its 2017 tyre test. Its objective was simple: find the best tyre choice for Australians. Tests at Sydney Dragway included:

  • Slalom runs
  • Dry braking
  • Wet braking
  • Gymkhana
  • Wet lateral G-exam

Continental’s ContiSportContact 5 came top of the pile. Impressively, it proved to be the best tyre for braking in both wet and dry conditions and scooped either second or third place in the other three test categories.

Test driver Warren Luff described the tyre as “Consistent from front to back, and lively with a bit of an edge”, commending it for its “great wet weather performance”.

Continental – an investment in your safety

It has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into tyre research and development and is producing innovative tyres that slash braking distances and fuel consumption while increasing passenger comfort and safety.

These tyres are proving to be the choice of professionals. They are beating other tyre manufacturers in test after test around the world. If you consider Continental’s track record of safety, performance, and economy, it’s easy to see why they don’t sell at budget prices. Then again, what price do you put on road safety?

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin Wood

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