Michelin Tyres – Get More Miles for your Money

Michelin Tyres – Getting more for your money

As the tyre industry becomes more competitive consumers are constantly going to benefit. With companies being pushed to design and develop tyres that are going to save their customers money, that are good quality and that provide the highest level of safety.

Michelin have developed the updated version of the XM1+, wait for it, the XM2. This tyre has been significantly improved since it’s predecessor hit the market a few years ago.

What the new XM2 delivers…

The Michelin XM2 is boasting a huge 20% more mileage than a standard tyre. Great news for drivers around the world, as this means less frequent tyre replacements which translates into savings for you. The XM2 also has a 10% reduction in rolling resistance compared to the XM1+.

These new tyres from Michelin have been designed for maximum safety, especially in wet conditions. The XM2 evacuates water from the tyres surface by up to 20% more than the previous model thanks to new and improved tread grooves.

What is rolling resistance?

As tyres maintain their grip to the road whilst driving, between the tyre and the road a friction develops, known as the rolling resistance. This rolling resistance will generate quite a loud noise and cause the tyre to heat up. Rolling resistance can be reduced by using rolling resistant tyres such as the XM2 or by using other high quality tyres and by keeping your tyres properly inflated.

Compared to standard tyres low rolling resistance tyres can produce remarkable savings on fuel consumption. It is estimated that the XM2 could save you up to 150 litres over the life of the tyre. At $1.50 a litre that’s a saving of around $225!!

Will they fit my car?

The XM2’s from Michelin were released onto the market in June of this year and they have been made in 20 different sizes to fit most passenger cars.

To find out if they will be the right tyre for your car come down to our Darra premises and talk to one of our tyre experts, pick up the phone and give us a call on 3333 5510 or enquire online now.


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