Tips to make your 4WD tyres last longer in Queensland

Cut your 4WD tyre costs

Whether you drive your 4WD vehicle mostly on tarmac or mainly off-road, a major cost will be its tyres. So, you’ll want to make them last as long as possible. Here are our top tips to make your 4WD tyres last longer. Follow these, and whatever your driving style you will get thousands of extra kilometres from each tyre. That’s real money in your pocket.

4WD tyre tip #1: Fit the correct tyre

This is the most important tip of them all, and one that holds true for all vehicle types. Think about your style of driving, and where you do most of your driving. Mud terrain tyres will wear quickly if they are used constantly on the tarmac. Highway terrain tyres are likely to blow if you spend all your time travelling in the outback.

Speak to your tyre supplier, discuss where and how you drive and take their advice on the type of tyre to buy. You’ll benefit from a more comfortable drive, better fuel consumption, and lower tyre costs in the long run. Read our article Which 4WD tyres are best in Brisbane? for more info.

4WD tyre tip #2: Keep them at the right pressure

Make sure you check your tyre pressures regularly. Changing temperatures will mean you need to inflate or deflate, and if you’re carrying a heavy load you should pay extra attention. Driving with incorrectly inflated tyres affects your safety, fuel consumption, and tyre life.

Always run your tyres at the pressure as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer – you’ll find this on the tyre placard, which is usually on the driver’s door pillar.

4WD tyre tip #3: Rotate regularly

Tyres wear at different speeds, depending on where they are on the car. They also wear differently. Front left tyres to wear more on the inside shoulder than front right tyres, for example. To combat this, rotate your tyres regularly – side to side and front to rear. Every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres is a good guide.

4WD tyre tip #4: Align those wheels!

4WD vehicles are notorious for having their wheels knocked out of alignment. This may be because of the rough terrain on which they are driven, or because they are bumped against kerbs. Bring your vehicle into our tyre shop in Darra and have your wheels aligned. You’ll get a better ride, your vehicle will stop pulling to one side, and your tyres will last longer.

4WD tyre tip #5: Be extra vigilant on road trips

When you’re on a road trip, and especially if you’re travelling off-road, treat your tyres with extra care. Check your tyres every morning. Make sure they haven’t been damaged, and that the tyre pressure is correct.

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