A visit to the tyre dealers will be less than you think,

Good tyre dealers, followed up with good maintenance means you can reap the rewards,

It might seem that $400 to over $1000 for a set is expensive, but the cost of new tyres for your car represents incredible value for money. No other part of your car goes through the same second-by-second friction, and when you think that your safety rests on just a few inches of rubber between you and the road, you’d begin to understand how important the maintenance of new tyres is. Here are five reasons why the cost of a trip to the tyre dealers is less than you think:

Safety is worth every cent of the cost of new tyres

A set of new tyres will last anything up to 100,000 kilometres, depending upon your style of driving and the condition of roads you drive on and the maintenance you stick to. Keep on top of the maintenance of new tyres, and that’s a hundred thousand kilometres of better breaking, more efficient turning, and more effective traction. Ultimately costing you less.

Better traction is a component of safety

Now that we’ve mentioned traction, let’s discuss it a little more.

Traction is what gives you your grip on the road. Soft tyres aren’t so good in the summer heat, but they’re great in snow. So if you’re planning a trip to Alpine Way in New South Wales, or perhaps Mount Baw Baw in Victoria, you might want to equip yourself with soft tyres. Usually, though, one set of new tyres will be good for all seasons here in Queensland.

New tyres cut your fuel costs

Worn tyres have to work harder to provide traction. When new tyres are fitted, part of the initial maintenance of new tyres is to ensure that they are aligned and balanced correctly. As part of a weekly tyre maintenance programme, make sure you keep them inflated properly. Doing this one thing will make sure that your tyres perform better, and that will decrease your fuel consumption.

Good maintenance of new tyres drives better performance

When new tyres are fitted and then maintained well, your car’s performance increases. Your stopping distance will be shorter, and you’ll drive smoother through corners. The extra traction you get means better acceleration if you get into trouble.

You’ll love driving on new tyres

If you’ve ever had a brand new car, there’s something special about the feel and smell of it. Have it professionally valeted after a few thousand kilometres, and that brand new feel comes right back. It’s the same with new tyres. When you first drive on a new set of tyres, the whole driving experience is different – it’s like driving a new car. You’ll have a quieter drive, too, with less road noise.

If you’re planning a long trip, you’ll probably have a service to make sure everything is in tip-top condition before you set off. Don’t neglect your tyres: the extra safety, better performance, and lower fuel costs make the cost of new tyres worth every single cent for the next 100,000 kilometres (especially if you rotate your tyres to make them last even longer).

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Kevin Wood

About the Author

Kevin has been at the forefront of the tyre industry for over 20 years. Kevin's speciality is in industrial and commercial tyres including the management and upkeep of fleets. Kevin has worked with vehicles his whole career from painting, mechanical, suspension and panel beating he has also spent time in the Australia Army as a driver. He has driven all size of vehicles throughout his career so understands the demands placed on drivers.