Tyre Myths: Can Tyre Repair Kits Do the Same Job as a Tyre Shop?

Why You Must Never Rely on a Tyre Repair Kit

Unfortunately, even the most vigilant driver can suffer a punctured tyre. Nails are often found on city streets, and unpaved rural roads can present hazards that can cause punctures. How good are tyre repair kits?

What Is a Tyre Repair Kit?

Puncture repair kits are designed to help if you get a puncture and are easily stored in your car. Often, they come in small and convenient carry cases that include some, or all, of the following items:

  • Plier – to remove the object that has caused the puncture
  • Lubricant – to help you ease the reamer into the puncture hole
  • Reamer – to probe the puncture and separate the tyre belts
  • Cord insertion tool – to insert the repair cord
  • Repair cords – the thick spongy cord that you insert into the puncture to fill the hole

Tyre Repair Kit vs Spare Tyre

Most new vehicles are sold without a full-sized spare tyre. Instead, they are equipped with space saver tyres. These are smaller and only to be used as short-term temporary solutions. You shouldn’t drive more than around 80 kilometres on a space-saver tyre.

Tyre repair kits are designed to do a similar job. The aim of the repair is to get the tyre working to the point that you can safely make it to a garage or tyre shop.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, 30% of drivers under 24 don’t know enough about cars to change their own tyre. Tyre repair kits are simple to use and offer a quick and temporary fix. Repair kits also take up less space than a spare tyre and are a good option for cars that come without a spare. However, tyre repair kits don’t always work. For example, if you do significant damage to your tyre by hitting a curb, having a spare would be the better option.

According to tyre maker Continental, on average you are likely to suffer a puncture every 44,000 miles or five years. Having a solution in place for this event is important. Whether you have a spare tyre or a repair kit, the important thing is that you know how to use it.

How Far Can You Drive on a Repaired Tyre?

A tyre repair made with a tyre repair kit is not equal to a repair made in a tyre shop. If the puncture is not substantial, a patch from a qualified tyre repair specialist is of a much higher standard than a temporary fix that you make at the side of the road.

A temporary tyre repair made with your repair kit can last for up to 200 kilometres at speeds of up to 80kmph. This is plenty of distance to get you to a tyre shop where an expert can advise whether you can get a patch or need a replacement. A patch is the cheaper solution, but not always possible. It depends on the damage to the tyre.

Should You Visit a Tyre Repair Shop After You Get a Puncture?

Roadside repair kits are only ever a temporary solution. To get your vehicle repaired and running safely again, you should visit a tyre specialist as soon as possible after you have made a temporary repair. They will tell you if your tyre can be patched or plugged, or if it must be replaced.

What Do the Experts Have To Say?

Bridgestone says:

“Tyre repair kits are a temporary fix, and only designed to patch up small punctures. If your tyre has a gaping hole or its sidewall receives substantial damage, a tyre repair kit isn’t going to help. You should get your punctured tyre permanently patched up once the hole is plugged with a tyre repair kit.”

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