Sketchy Tyre Dealers could pose a toxic fire risk in Queensland

Green tape was removed, but has it caused a bigger headache for Brisbane?

Waste tyre regulations were changed in Queensland by the Newman government, but they could pose a real threat of fire. When they were updated, the reasoning was to remove so-called ‘green tape’. But the change has simply allowed unlicensed tyre dealers to gather huge piles of tyres before they send them to be recycled.

Even worse, there are concerns that some businesses have been collecting a fee for collection without any intention of recycling – and that poses problems in more ways than one.

Tyre fires burn for days

If one of these tyre piles should go up in flames, the fire is likely to last days and send huge plumes of toxic smoke into the local atmosphere. One operator flouting the tyre regulations is known to have a stockpile in two sites in Brisbane and Logan – if either of these goes up, the result could be devastating for local residents and the local environment.

To see how bad a tyre fire in a stockpile this size could be, you only to look toward Castilla-La Mancha, near Madrid in Spain, where a tyre fire raged for days recently. There, a tyre dump went up in flames causing 10,000 people to be evacuated from their homes. The illegal dump – which ignored EU tyre regulations – was the size of ten rugby fields, and the massive black cloud carrying toxic fumes billowed hundreds of metres. It is estimated that now the fire has been extinguished there are still 30,000 tonnes of tyres remaining.

Thankfully, none of the illegal tyre dumps in Queensland are that big – yet.

Fire is not the only threat from unlicensed tyre dealers and their illegal tyre dumps

While fire is the most obvious threat, a 2015 report detailing illegal dumping and stockpiling of waste tyres in Brisbane (and published by the Boomerang Alliance) highlighted the likelihood that these dumps are becoming breeding grounds for mosquitos. That report found seven such dumps that posed a mosquito plague threat to local residents.

The Boomerang Alliance made some recommendations, including eliminating the misleading ‘suitable operator permit’ from the new regulatory approach and enforcing illegal dumping provisions.

Here at Darra, we believe that all tyres should be disposed of with safety in mind. We only use bonafide recycling operators to dispose of waste tyres. This means our customers can rest assured that we have their safety in mind when we fit their tyres and beyond.

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