What does this tyre wear and tear mean?

Seven symptoms of wear and tear and how to correct them

When a customer brings a damaged tyre to us, we can tell the cause from the type of wear and tear we see. Most tyre tread damage is caused by driver error and poor tyre maintenance. In this article, you’ll learn the seven signs of tyre wear and tear, what they mean, and how to avoid unnecessary wear and tear in the future.

Tyre wear and tear #1: Wearing on both tyre edges

If you notice wear on both inner and outer shoulders of your tyre, it’s most likely caused by underinflation. You’ll suffer from higher fuel consumption because of increased rolling resistance. As if this isn’t bad enough, your tyre will heat up faster, and overheating could cause the tyre to fail.

The solution is to check your tyre pressure regularly, and ensure you keep your tyres inflated to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure.

Tyre wear and tear #2: Wearing in the centre of the tyre

If your tyre’s tread is wearing faster along its centre, then this means that it is overinflated. This will affect your vehicle’s braking and handling.

To ensure that your tyres are not overinflated, check the air pressure when the tyre is cold, and let air out until the pressure gauge reads the correct pressure measurement.

Tyre wear and tear #3: Uneven wear

There are two reasons your tyre may be wearing unevenly. The first is that it is overinflated, as with wearing in the centre line of the tyre described above. It may also be that your wheels are poorly aligned. If you have checked your tyre’s air pressure and found it to be correctly inflated, you should take your vehicle to a tyre specialist to check and correct your wheel alignment.

Tyre wear and tear #4: Scalloped and shaped wear

If the wear on your tyres is scalloped, cupped or dipped, the most likely reason is that your wheels are poorly aligned, though your vehicle may also be suffering from worn or bent suspension parts. This will make for a less comfortable ride, higher fuel consumption and poor handling (especially going into and coming out of bends).

The rear suspension can be adjusted to correct alignment issues, though your vehicle may need a front-end or four-wheel alignment. You’ll need to consult a tyre specialist for an accurate diagnosis and the corrective measure.

Tyre wear and tear #5: Feathered wear at the tyre’s edge

If your tyre is suffering from feathered wear at its inner or outer edge, it is likely to be caused by poor alignment causing erratic friction with the tarmac.

If you notice this type of wear and tear, take your vehicle to a tyre specialist. You’ll need a ‘toe-in’ or ‘toe-out’ realignment.

Tyre wear and tear #6: Damage to the tread of the sidewall

Scrapes, scratches, holes and chunks out of tyres generally happen because of poor driving (for example, kerbing when parking) or poor road conditions.

Most minor damage can be repaired by a tyre specialist, though it may be better to replace the tyre. Before you take the tyre to a specialist, remove it and replace with your spare – the last thing you want to happen is minor damage becoming major damage on the drive to the tyre specialist.

Once the tyre has been repaired or replaced, ensure that it is always correctly inflated. This will help it to resist damage.

Tyre wear and tear #7: Tread wear indicator is showing

Whatever the cause for your tyre’s tread wear indicator to show, it is time to change the tyre.

Take it to a tyre specialist and have the tyre replaced. A good tyre specialist will not only change the worn tyre, but they will also check all tyres and your alignment and balance. When you drive away, you will feel the difference that good tyre-checking and maintenance routine makes to your ride.

Where to take your vehicle for a comprehensive tyre service

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