Are Michelin Tweels worth the upfront cost and do they last longer?

Michelin Tweel tyres are a type of non-pneumatic tyre that consists of a rigid hub connected to a shear band, which is made of rubber and acts as the tyre's tread. They are designed to provide a combination of the benefits of pneumatic (meaning air filled under pressure) tyres and solid tyres, such as improved ride comfort, better handling, and greater durability and by all accounts they live up to this expectation.

The expected lifespan of a Michelin Tweel tyre will vary depending on several factors, such as the type of vehicle it is being used on, the load it is carrying, and the conditions of the roads it is being driven on. Generally, they are expected to last longer than traditional pneumatic tyres. This is because they do not suffer from punctures or other types of damage that can shorten the life of pneumatic tyres.

Michelin Tweel tyres are suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications, including skid steers, aerial lifts, and other types of industrial and construction equipment. They are also used on some types of utility vehicles and on-road vehicles such as buses. They are known for their high durability, stability and better weight distribution which makes them ideal for heavy loads. Although we have seen limited uptake on the latter uses. 

When it comes to wear, the Tweels has a different pattern of wear when compared to the pneumatic tyre, as it does not flex as much, but they also have a more consistent wear across the entire tread, allowing them to wear more evenly, this way increasing the life of the product.

In comparison with pneumatic tyres, the Michelin Tweel offers many advantages like being puncture-proof and it’s always at the right tyre pressure, they offer better ride comfort, longer life, more stability and better weight distribution. But they also have some disadvantages like being more expensive, harder to change and having a larger size which make them less versatile.

What is the expected Lifespan of a Michelin Tweel?

It's difficult to give an expected lifespan for Michelin Tweel tyres in terms of years or kilometres as it will vary depending on the usage, environment and conditions that the tyres will be exposed to. The usual disclaimers apply here. However, in general, they are expected to last longer than traditional pneumatic tyres which goes a way to offset the additional upfront cost.

Michelin, the manufacturer of Tweel tyres, states that their industrial grade Tweel products have a lifespan of at least 4,000 hours and they also have a 6-year limited warranty. 

This lifespan is based on average usage conditions and the expected lifespan can be impacted by factors such as the load the tyres are carrying, the type of vehicle they are being used on, and the conditions of the roads they are being driven on.

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