How Long Should Your Tyres Last?

How long should the tyres last?

Well, at the end of day, this is such a qualitative thing. Actually it really depends on a large degree you and your choices. 

Factors that affect Tyre lifespan: Quality and Budget

Firstly, it's a choice to buy quality.  You can buy cheap, cheap, or rather its rubber wears quite easier, obviously to buy quality and where it'll last longer.  So you've got to make that choice at the start. Obviously it depends on budget depends on what the use of the tyre is. 

Once you own the tyres, then obviously there's question of how you treat the tyres. And this is, by far the biggest component. 

If you buy really cheap tyres, then you're going to get what you buy. But if you buy quality tyres, and you look after them, and really that is the aspect that we really can control. You’re the type of tyres you buy will be largely based on your budget and decisions based on that. Okay, so that's fixed once you either, but what you can do in the meantime, is things like inflate your tyres. Well, there's other videos on this on how to make the bid last longer.

But how long would they last? How long they normally last? 


Well, okay, on a passenger tyre, you look at sort of two years, 40,000 kilometres. 


On average, can you get more? absolutely you can. In a full  tyre, you're probably looking at 80,000 off road type thing. 80,000. But then again, it depends what you're doing. 

If you're driving on the road a lot, and you're the big novelty tyres that make all the sound and look fantastic, then actually don't expect to get 80,000 of them. But if you're doing proper off roading on a regular basis, and you're not driving on the road that much, then actually the stress on them and the wear on them is not as much as it would be if you're driving on the road. So obviously, if you fall drive driving on the road, we can expect probably a 40,000 account. 

Any performance tyre, we mean performance size. It’s anyone's guess it depends on how much of revhead you are? Depends on the speed? If you're breaking all these sort of things. You’re looking at sort of 20,000 to 25,000? 


Remember, the performance rubber is there to keep you on the road? Not necessarily keep you running a tyre marathon. So it's not designed to last ages. 

If you can get a really hard compound that will last longer. It'll be a crappy ride. But the reality is, you probably won't have the traction so you might start sliding things. 

Look, most tyres these days. They're safe, they're effective. There's a lot of technology gone into tyres, and you're benefiting from that. 


The problem we see on a regular basis is that people don't look after their tyres, they don't inflate them, or inflate them regularly enough, and rotate them, you know check them out and actually feel the tyre and see if it's flat spots to see if there's wear on one side due to being out of balance or being the wheel alignment out or the shock absorbers out any of those sort of things and that's where we can definitely help get the most out of your tyres. 

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