Continental’s latest truck tyre pressure monitoring system is unveiled in Brisbane

Greater safety, lower costs and greener fleets promised

The Brisbane Truck Show is Australia’s premier truck event. This year’s show held over three days in mid-May at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. In its fiftieth year, as ever, the show had something for everyone. Corner for the kids, a hub for those seeking a new career in the truck industry, and the fantastic Plaza Terrace BBQ Bar. For those wanting a little up-market R&R, the Piano Bar beckoned.

One of the favourites of the show is the Heavy Vehicle Industry Innovation Centre. This year the exhibits didn’t disappoint. They never do. Continental took this opportunity to unveil its new truck tyre check products. And they look pretty good.

The new all-seeing eye for your truck tyres

The best truck tyre pressure monitoring systems help a fleet save on fuel costs and increase mileage. They help reduce costs further by increasing the ability to retread the tyres. Equally important, these systems increase safety by reducing the potential for tyre failure.

Easy-to-install tyre checking

Continental’s ContiPressureCheck is easy to install and mounted inside the tyre. You don’t have to have Continental tyres fitted to benefit from the system, either – it’s compatible with all tyre brands.

The sensor monitors the tyre continuously for both temperature and pressure. This data flow can be integrated with an existing telematics system and viewed on an external device.

Giving control to fleet managers

Another tyre check system, the YardReader Station, lets fleet managers monitor the tyre pressures of their fleet. It reads the data from the ContiPressureCheck each time the truck passes the station in the fleet yard. The fleet manager is more able to control the fleet’s tyres, ensuring they are inflated to the correct pressure for load and driving conditions. This system is due to be released here in Australia within the next few months, at the same time as the new ContiConnect.

Analytics made easy – ContiConnect

ContiConnect has been designed specifically for commercial fleets. It monitors and analyses tyre data that has been collected by the YardReader Station from the ContiPressureCheck sensors in each truck’s tyres. A report sent to the fleet manager. In the report, recommendations made for any corrections that may be needed. It allows the fleet manager to be more proactive in taking action such as tyre maintenance.

The entire system configured to connect the entire fleet’s tyres for monitoring. It means that whether a vehicle is on the road for several days at a time, or in and out of the yard on a daily basis, the data is always relevant and ‘in date’. Receiver units connected in the depot or in vehicles that are on the road, with an online portal providing full reporting of performance and efficiency.

Fleet-friendly benefits

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) continue to evolve. The Continental system is an integrated system that works with existing systems and on all tyre brands.

Across an entire fleet, the effect of measuring, monitoring and correcting tyre pressures can be staggering. Mileage should increase as fuel consumption decrease. It is better for the environment as well as your bottom line.

With better tyre maintenance routines prompted by the reports produced by the Continental system, you should find that breakdowns caused by tyres minimised. It will slash your downtime, and increase the on-time delivery rates. Your drivers will be safer, as will other road users.

If you’d like more information about tyre pressure monitoring systems and how they could benefit your fleet, contact us today. Our mission is simple:

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin Wood

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