Are Michelin the world’s biggest producer of tyres? No Lego is…

Are Michelin tyres the biggest tyre company in the world? Apparently not, it is Lego who produce the most tyres!

If the image is correct then Lego is the largest producer of tyres in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me given the amount of lego that we have in boxes at home.

I don’t think anyone growing up in Australia wouldn’t have been exposed to Lego’s tyres in some form.

At Darra Tyres we don’t stock Lego Tyres, however we do stock just about every other tyre imaginable and if it’s not in stock then we will know where to get it. We also have a massive range of second hand tyres as well.

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Kevin has been at the forefront of the tyre industry for over 20 years. Kevin's speciality is in industrial and commercial tyres including the management and upkeep of fleets. Kevin has worked with vehicles his whole career from painting, mechanical, suspension and panel beating he has also spent time in the Australia Army as a driver. He has driven all size of vehicles throughout his career so understands the demands placed on drivers.