Mining Tyres – Don’t be the Victim of a Tyre Blowout…

Queensland mines have had their fair share of mining tyres blowing out, some causing death and other causing serious injury and damage. According to an article in the Daily Mercury 25 tyre blowouts have occurred in Queensland mines in the past two years.

The outcomes of a mining tyres blowing out…

The Newlands mine in Queensland is said to have a sign in their workshop that says “an exploding tyre can send a bowling ball 9 kilometres”, now can you imagine what this would do to you if you were standing right next to it or working on the tyre when this happened?

Tyre bursts of any size can be extremely dangerous, driving down the road you can lose all control of the vehicle or you could be killed working on a mining tyre. The force of the air pressure being released from a large mining tyre can send nearby objects flying in al directions. It’s almost like a shrapnel bomb going off. A lot of the time when these tyres explode they tend to do so while in use so most of the time the driver is safe in the cabin, but people nearby can be in serious trouble.

The importance of fleet inspections…

All vehicles need to be checked on a regular basis for any signs of wear, slices, cuts, punctures or other signs of damage. Working in such harsh conditions such as the extreme heat and rugged terrain of Queensland mines. It is recommended that you have your vehicles tyres checked every 2 weeks for an damage to the sidewall or any signs of rapid tread wear.

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