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Brisbane Tyre Centre, Now you can ‘Like’ us at Darra Tyres Facebook

That’s right we know we already have many loyal customers who ‘Like’ us and the services we provide them with. But we have just re-launched our Facebook page which can be found by clicking the FaceBook logo below. Or by pressing the ‘Like’ button on our home page. We have made this page to bring all of our customers and fans the latest news, deals, special offers and other updates from our Brisbane tyre centre.

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Tyre Centre Tips For Driving Safely in Wet Weather

The most important thing when driving safely in wet weather is the condition of your tyres. The muggy Queensland heat combined with rain can make the roads extremely slippery and dangerous. We have very unpredictable weather in Queensland so you need to make sure your tyres are well looked after so they can look after you when it’s wet! Prepare yourself for the the next wet day with these tyre centre tips.

How often should I check or change my tyres?

You really need to be checking the inflation and physical appearance of your tyres at least every two weeks. If you are unsure how to properly check you tyres for legal tread depth and proper inflation click here to see our article that outlines how.

Tyre Centre Tips – Driving in the wet and how to do it safely…

  • Allow extra time. Never rush to your destination, especially in the wet!
  • The minimum safe driving distance in good conditions is 3 seconds, so give yourself some extra room when it’s wet in case of the need for emergency braking.
  • Brake earlier and with less force. Slamming on the brakes in the wet can make you lose control of the vehicle, it also gives the driver behind you plenty of time to react to your decrease in speed.
  • Give yourself some light, even in light rain it can be hard to see in front of you. Let other cars know where you are.
  • Keep the rear and front windscreen clear using the air con or de mist option.
  • If the rain gets really bad just pull over and wait it out. It’s not worth getting somewhere unless you get there alive.

If you feel like your tyres may not be equipped well enough for the next batch of wet weather then come down to our shop and we will let you know the condition of your tyres, if they’re legal or if they need replacing. If they’re fine then it was only 5 minutes in and out and you can drive away with peace of mind.

Come down at see us at our Darra shop, give us a call on3375 3566 to get expert advice and tyres to keep you and your family or fleet safe.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and Darra Team

Tyre Centre Tips – What to do in an instant when you tyre bursts

Driving along the side of most major motorways, freeways and highways you will see parts of shredded tyres on the side of the road. The same thought goes through everyone’s head, “imagine if that happened to me?” and “How does that even happen?”. These tyre centre tips give you the advice from the tyre experts at Darra Tyres on how to handle a tyre bursting.

What causes a tyre burst?

Every time you reverse park and nudge the gutter, hit the corner of a round-a-bout or park up on or against the gutter you could potentially be contributing to a tyre burst. It might not happen that day, week or month but you are increasing the risk of a tyre burst. So next time you see that shredded tyre on the side of the road take it as a reminder to get your tyres checked.

Would you know what to do?

Truth is, 90% of people when asked would slam on the brakes and that would be their first deadly mistake.

When travelling over 70km/h a tyre burst can be potentially fatal. The car will start to sway all over the road as you instantly lose control. Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Tyre centre tips to make a tyre burst a mere inconvenience not a fatal accident…

Get you’re foot off that brake!

First of all, don’t panic! Sudden braking at high speed when the car is already swerving all over the road can make things dramatically worse. Slamming on the brakes will cause the car to catch, spin and potentially roll. ONLY use the brake, and only use it gently if you need to stop the car from careering with another car or object.

Hold that wheel!

A firm grip on the wheel is needed to keep the car heading in one direction, certainly don’t try to counteract the swerving of the car with dramatic steering, this will have an adverse effect and make things worse. Hands firmly on the wheel and keep that car going straight.

Don’t be afraid to use the accelerator…

You’re probably thinking, “WHAT!! is he crazy?” but the truth is gently using the accelerator to maintain momentum can stop the car from swerving all over the road. You can use the accelerator but remember, gently!

Signal to safety…

Remember you’re probably not going to be the only car on the road, so don’t forget the basics. Signal with your hazards or indicators as to where you are going to pull over, let the other drives know that something is wrong so they can move safely away from you and give you room to breathe.

Ok, you’re safely off the road and out of harms way…

Make sure the coast is clear before getting out of your vehicle on the side of the road to fit a spare or assess the damage. If your tyre has burst at high speed there is going to be some damage to the wheel. If you don’t feel confident fitting the spare to a potentially damaged wheel then call a professional to remove the car for you or fit a new wheel. Don’t ever drive long distances on the spare, remember the last time you checked the spare? Didn’t think so! Drive straight to your nearest tyre outlet and have the damage assessed and a safe tyre and wheel fitted.

If you’re nearby give us a call!

We will be able to provide you with the best replacement tyre and wheel for your car and your safety. For more information, a quote or to speak to one of our tyre professionals call us now or enquire online and we will be in contact with you very shortly.

Tyre Centre Tips – Things to remember with Run-Flat tyres…

Tyre centre tips for using Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are modern tyre technology at it’s finest. A huge range of vehicles now come equipped with run-flat tyres as standard, while this is great for motorists by eliminating the dangerous practice of pulling over on the side of the road to replace a tyre, there a few things to keep in mind when replacing a run-flat tyre.

Can you replace a run-flat tyre with a standard rubber tyre…?

The short answer is yes. But there are some things that you need to be aware of with vehicles that have run-flat tyres fitted as standard. Vehicle manufacturers are taking into account the stiffer sidewalls of a run-flat tyre and will alter the suspension and steering of the vehicle.

What does this mean if I fit a standard tyre…

By fitting a standard a tyre to your vehicle that is made to operate with run-flat tyres can increase the risk of an accident due to decreased handling and control of the vehicle. Also the vehicle is equipped with onboard technology to alert you when a tyre is losing air pressure from a puncture or burst. Also, if you are driving a car that is designed to use run-flat tyres and something happens to the standard tyre that has been put on as a replacement you will be basically left stranded. Vehicles that have been designed to operate on run-flat tyres don’t have a spare.

Talk to you’re run-flat tyre experts…

Don’t get caught out trying to save a few dollars by replacing a run-flat with a standard tyre. You might save a minimal amount on purchase, but is it really worth risking lives for? Next time you have a run-in with your run-flat tyres make sure you come down to Darra Tyres and we can give you the best possible solution both for your wallet and your safety.

Come down and see us at Darra Tyres, call us or enquire online today to speak with industry experts with over 100 years combined experience.


Kevin Wood

Tyre Centre Tips – The problem with Locking Wheel Nuts…

Hey guys, some tips from the experts from our tyre centre,

Many vehicles these days have locking nuts or security bolts. This locking wheel nut serves to protect the tyre and wheel from being stolen but it will also hamper our efforts to replace a wheel or tyre if you do not have the appropriate adapter that goes with the wheel.

It’s quite easy to tell if your vehicle has a locking wheel nut, look at the wheel nuts and normally one of the will be different, they will be round on the outside and have a design with the locking adapter fits into on the inside.

Please make sure you have this locking nut in your possession when we arrive to fit your tyres. This adapter is normally located in your glove box or the tool box in the boot of the vehicle.

If you cannot find this locking nut you may have to contact the manufacturer directly to receive one.

Keeping your Family and Fleet safely on the road, contact us on (07) 3333 5510 or using the online form here.

The team at Darra Tyres.